15. A tale of two websites

Towards the end of 2006, much of the research from the project started to be available on websites. Unusually, material was published on two separate websites: the Badsey website and a special website set up for us by Worcestershire County Council (WCC).

The WCC website is based on the digitised version of the Enclosure Maps. A GIS system allows this digitised map to be viewed superimposed on a modern OS map making comparisons very easy. Some thematic mapping can also be superimposed.

The project also added several new sections to the Badsey website, the most important being a page for ever road and street in the parish, with some information on individual houses.

Careful planning allowed these two websites to be linked together in a user friendly way. The illustration above shows part of the Mill Lane page on the Badsey website. A single click opens the GIS system centred on the same road (shown here as an inset). A similar process allows users on the GIS site to move directly to the corresponding page on the Badsey website.

The Badsey Society Enclosure Map Project was a major village history project running from 2005 to 2007 led by Maureen Spinks. This series of pictures show how the project was run and some of its outcomes. The Society is grateful for a grant received from the Local Heritage Initiative.

Updated 4 December 2007.