Village Street and Main Street, Aldington

This is a list of buildings in Aldington walking along Village Street and Main Street including Mill Lane and Chapel Lane. The survey was carried out in November 2001 with the purpose of understanding the historical development of the villages. See also the index of place names in Badsey and Aldington. Here are historical descriptions of Village Street and Main Street.

West Side
East Side
(North west end at junction with Offenham Road and railway bridge)

Formerly turnpike house 'Railway Cottage' (19C)
No 3 (mid 20C bungalow)
Driveway to scaffolding yard etc.
Driveway to Smallholder Tractor Company
(30MPH sign)
Orchard View (late 20C)
Beeholme (early 20C)
Tower View, formerly Hill House and Anthony House (mid 20C)
Treetops (mid 20C)
Unnamed (mid 20C)
(Public footpath)
Driveway to Lokos
Driveway to Mileaway
Vale View (late 20C)
Unnamed (mid 20C)
Pennyfields (mid 20C)
Butterley House (late 20C)
Mellowstone (late 20C)
Magnolia House (late 20C)
Thryton (late 20C)
12 & 11 Chestnut Close (late 20C bungalows)
Driveway to Chestnut Close (late 20C housing)
1, 2 & 3 Chestnut Close (late 20C bungalows)
(into Village Street)
Rose Cottage and Manor Cottage (semidetached 18C?)
'The Thatch' half timbered thatched 16C?
The Old House (18C)
The Dove Cote, Stone Cottage, Sherwood Cottage (Terraced 18C?, possibly all once part of Sherwood Farm. The Dove Cote also known as 'Stuart Cottage'.)
Driveway to modern house
(30MPH ends)
Driveway to Aldington Landscapes
Driveway to Field Farm

Yard by railway with caravans
Driveway to caravans
Driveway to 'No 1 The Siding Road, Aldington'
(30MPH sign)
(early 20C)
8 & 7 Hillside (mid 20C semidetached)
6 & 5 Hillside (mid 20C semidetached)
4 & 3 Hillside (mid 20C semidetached)
2 & 1 Hillside (mid 20C semidetached)
Middlebank (late 20C)
Elm Cottage (18C?)
Fircroft (early 20C)
'White House' (19C?)
The Singlet (mid 20C bungalow)
10 Main Street & Fairfield (mid 20C semidetached)
Corner House & Corner Cottage (semidetached 19C)
The Old Stables (19C)
(into Chapel Lane)
1 Chapel Cottages
2 Chapel Cottages
Ivy Farmhouse
Ivy House
The Old Chapel
Ivy Cottage
1 Chapel Lane
Driveway to The Hop Gardens (late 20C housing)
(into Mill Lane)
Aldington Mill, 'Peter Marriott, General Workshop and Forge'.
Another house opposite the Mill house
Ancient barn
1-2 Hop Kilns (attached to Manor Court, converted from hop kilns in the 1960s, sign says 'AHS AD 1882' repositioned in the 1980s, AHS is Arthur Herbert Savory.)
(into Village Street)
Manor Court (attached to Aldington Manor, 15/16th century origins, converted as separate dwelling in 1960s)
The Manor, Aldington (about 1810)
Driveway to Manor Gardens (late 20C housing)
The Willows (late 20C)
Cherry Orchard (late 20C)
(30MPH ends)

(South end at Badsey Road)

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