Chapel Street, Willersey Road & Bowers Hill

This is a list of buildings in Chapel Street, Willersey Road including its continuation to Bowers Hill. The survey was carried out in August 2001 with the purpose of understanding the historical development of the village. See also the index of place names in Badsey and Aldington. Here are historical descriptions of Chapel Street, Willersey Road & Bowers Hill.

West Side
East Side
(North end at junction with Brewers Lane)

2 Chapel Street 'Stone Cottage'
'F Caswell Shoeing and General Smith' (forge with cottage attached)
6 Chapel Street 'Bye ways' (early 20C)
Vine Cottage, with Rose Cottage behind it
(Driveway to Church End)
14 & 16 Chapel Street (early 20C)
Bungalow (mid 20C)
20 Chapel Street, Old Police Station (mid 20C)
(School Lane)
School House (early 20C)

'Avanell' (about 2000)
2 'Gwen Don' & 4 Willersey Road (late 20C semi-detached)
6 & 8 Willersey Road (late 20C semidetached)
10, 12, 14 & 16 Willersey Road (late 20C terrace)
18 & 20 'Lanedos' Willersey Road (late 20C semidetached)
22 Willersey Road (mid 20C bungalow)
(Drive to school playing fields)
'Stanhope House 1900'
26 & 28 Willersey Road (mid 20C semidetached)
30 Willersey Road (mid 20C bungalow)
'Inglenook' 32 Willersey Road (mid 20C bungalow)
34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 & 60 Willersey Road (terrace about 1900)
'Lisbon House', 62 Willersey Road (late 20C)
(Stream passes under road)
'Mesamere' (mid 20C)
(Start of open fields)
(Driveway to Lisbon Nurseries)
'Deelish' (late 20C)
(Golden Lane to Wickhamford - the road junction is called Three Ways)
(Bridleway at sharp bend in road)
Unnamed house (20C)
(Driveway to barns and late 20C house near Peartree Corner)
(Sharp bend in road at Peartree Corner)
(Stream passes under road)
(Footpath at Bowers Hill)


1 & 3 Chapel Street (about 1900 semidetached)
'Primrose Cottage 1893' 5 Chapel Street
7 Chapel Street cottage attached to disused chapel, now CG Dance Club (late 19C)
'Hinton Villa 1894'
'Fairhaven' previously called 'Belle Vue' (about 1900)
13 & 15 Chapel Street (about 1900 semidetached)
'Sylvan Villas 1904' 17 & 19 Chapel Street (semidetached)
'Lindwood Villas 1906' 21 & 23 Chapel Street (semidetached)
(Badsey Fields Lane)
'Ivy House' (about 1900)
27 Chapel Street (late 20C)
29 Chapel Street (late 20C)
1 Willersey Road (previously known as 'Rose Villa' and later 'Branxton' late 19C. Directly opposite School Lane.)
'Moon Rakers' (late 20C)
'Sheraton' (late 20C)
'Homeleigh 1896'
7 Willersey Road, 'Auburn House' (late 19C)
9 Willersey Road (late 19C)
11 Willersey Road, 'Bredon view 1889'
'Tullys House' (late 20C)
(Sands Lane)
13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33 & 35 Willersey Road, 'Belmont Terrace 1900' (terrace)
37 & 39 'Hilldene' Willersey Road (mid 20C semidetached)
(Start of open fields)
(Stream passes under road)
Bullybrook (early 20C)
Howards Holding (late 20C)
Sandfield (early 20C)
Briarcroft (late 20C)
The Sands (late 20C)
Unnamed house (Late 20C)
Three Ways (Early 20C)
Wellwyn & Rosehaven (mid 20C semidetached)
(Driveway to Ashgrove)
(Sharp bend in road)
Happylands (late 20C set back from road)
Goosecroft & Windy Nook (early 20C semidetached)
(Sharp bend at Peartree Corner with footpath and
no through road)
1 & 2 Peartree Corner (semidetached about 1900 along no through road)
(Driveway to Rowan House Boarding Kennels)
Rowan House (late 20C set back from road)
(Driveway to Bowers Hill Farm)

(Stream passes under road)
(Driveway to Bowers Hill Nurseries)
1 & 2 Bowers Hill (mid 20C semidetached)
3 & 4 Bowers Hill (mid 20C semidetached)
5 & 6 Bowers Hill (mid 20C semidetached)
Unnamed house (late 20C)
Colts Run (bungalow)
Unnamed house (late 20C)
7 & 8 Bowers Hill (mid 20C semidetached)
9 & 10 'Bowersway' Bowers Hill (mid 20C semidetached)

(South end at Gloucestershire border)

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