Badsey High Street

This is a list of buildings in Badsey High Street including its continuation into Synehurst and Mill Lane. The survey was carried out in August 2001 with the purpose of understanding the historical development of the village. See also the index of place names in Badsey and Aldington. Here are historical descriptions of Synehurst, High Street and Mill Lane.

West Side
East Side
(North end at junction with B4035 - Badsey Pike)

10 & 9 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
8 & 7 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
6 & 5 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
4 & 3 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
2 ' Destinee' & 1 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
(Synehurst Crescent)
'Badsey Royal British Legion' (mid 20C, converted from earlier school building)
8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Manorside (late 20C terrace)
'Manor House' 4 & 6 High Street (Tudor half timbered)
(Monks Path)
'Harrington House' 8 High Street (Georgian house)
In driveway, 'Willows' 8a High Street (late 20C) and 8b High Street (late 20C)
'Hollywood Villa' 10 High Street (late 20C)
'Greystones' (partly 20C, partly older)
'Badsey Butchers'
'Spar Shop and Post Office'
'Schumachs' 18 High Street (C17)
20a High Street (late 20C)
(The Poplars)
22a High Street (late 20C)
Seward House (17C large house, nursing home, now split into several dwellings)
'The Laurels' 26 High Street (early C18, altered early C19)
28 High Street (dated '1897' village post office for 100 years)
'Church View' 30 & 32 High Street dated 1906
'Little Cottage'
34 High Street (19C or earlier)
'Malvern House' (old house covered with creeper)
'The Rock' dated 1978
'Montpelier' 40 High Street (early 20C)
'Badsey Hall' (17C)
'Fairview' 44 High Street dated 1913
'Lane Ends' 44a High Street (late 20C)
(Badsey Lane)
48 High Street, 'The Cottage' 46 High Street dated 16C & Field Cottage (terrace of 3 old cottages)
Orchard Cottage & Barn Court (C17 timber framed)
Millmead (late 20C)
Haze (late 20C)
Bennachie & Springvale (late 20C semi-detached)

Old Lloyd's Bank House (mid 20C)
22 & 21 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
20 & 19 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
18 & 17 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
16 & 15 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
14 & 13 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
12 & 11 Synehurst (mid 20C semi-detached)
(Green Leys)
1 & 3 Cedar Court (late 20C semi-detached)
6 & 8 Cedar Court (late 20C semi-detached)
Oakleigh House (Georgian house)
(Old Post Office Lane)
'Newland House' 1 High Street (late 20C)
'Whitecroft' 3 High Street (late 20C)
(Orchard Way and The Lankets)
'Meadway House' 11 High Street (late 18C)
Gladstone Cottage (19C or earlier)
7, 6, 5, 4, 2, 1 Poplar Court (late 20C terrace)
17 & 19 High Street (bungalows)
(Brewers Lane)
Low house in Cotswold stone set back
'Pool House' 23 High Street & 'Dower House' 25 High Street (around 1800, Georgian house)
'The Firs' 27 High Street (Georgian house)
Wheatsheaf Inn
(School Lane)
2 School Lane & 31 High Street (late 20C semi-detached)
The Vicarage (late 20C)
(Allsebrook Gardens)
'Vicarage Cottage'
'Glebe Cottage'
'Sunlea' (late 20C)
'Brookside House' (late 20C)
Nevrin (dated 1994)
2 Silk Mill Cottages (bungalow)
Silk Mill
(dated 1864, converted from 18C mill)

(South end at Badsey Brook)

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