Maps of Badsey and Aldington

John Speede's 1610 map of Worcestershire

This small scale map shows Badsey and Wickhamford, but not Aldington. Badsey Brook is shown prominently.

1807 enclosure map for Aldington

This is the earliest known large scale map of Aldington. Images of the map may be viewed here.

The Worcestershire Record Office hold two copies of the September 1807 enclosure map for Aldington. The references are F264.2 BA1583 and F143/43 BA307. These do not appear in the WRO map index but are found in their index of enclosure papers. The two copies are very similar. They measure 43 by 80 cm with no scale specified. The map is bordered on the north by the Parish of Offenham, on the east by the Parish of Badsey (which had its own enclosure act in 1812), on the south by 'Bengeworth New Enclosures' and on the west by Parks Farm - the map does not quite reach the River Avon. It gives lots of information on field names, areas and owners. The map is largely monochrome except for a light coloured wash along roads. The map is bound into a book with 19 large pages of reasonably legible handwriting giving details of roads, paths, and fields.

The road names on the map include Pitwell Road (now Main Street), Badsey Road (now Village Street), Littleton Turnpike Road (now Offenham Road B4510) and Bretforton Turnpike Road (now Badsey Road/Synehurst B4035). Aldington Mill is not shown and so was probably not operating at that time.

Also in the Worcestershire Record Office is a very poor photocopy (WRO BA7423) dated 1807 which we assumed was the Aldington enclosure map but the details are slightly different. It is possibly a draft made by the surveyor for the final map. (This maps not reproduced on this website.)

1812 enclosure map for Badsey

This is the earliest known large scale map of Badsey. Images of the map may be viewed here. There is also a complete transcription of the Badsey award schedules that accompany this map.

Here are additional notes on the 1812 map.

Ordnance Survey drawings about 1812

Almost contemporary with the Badsey enclosure map, these 'drawings' show a larger area but at a smaller scale.

1813 Ashwin estate map of Badsey

Map included in BA7775/36 at the Worcestershire Record Office.

1815 map of Badsey:
'The New Road from Badsey to Evesham'

Until 1815 the main road going north out of Badsey followed a contorted route. This map accompanied a Magistrates Order creating a 'new road' along what is now called Synehurst. Original in Worcestershire Record Office.

1825 map

This 1825 map shows parts of Aldington and Offenham including Black Banks and the Badsey Toll Gate. Note south is at the top of the map. An earlier version of this map dated 1820 is among Ashwin Estate papers in BA7775/36 at the Worcestershire Record Office.

1846 railway map

Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton railway map showing proposal for road diversion in Aldington.

25 July 1864 auction

The 25 July 1864 auction details include a map showing the lots.

2 July 1866 auction

The 2 July 1866 auction details include a map showing the lots.

23 July 1866 auction

The 23 July 1866 auction details include a map showing the lots.

1855 railway compensation map

Compensation to Christ Church, Oxford for land taken for the railway.

1883 OS 25 inch map of Badsey

The first large scale Ordnance Survey map covering the parish of Badsey and Aldington was published at a scale of 1:2500 or '25.344 inches to a Statute Mile'. It was 'surveyed in 1883'.

Here is the centre of Badsey (large file - 294K) and the centre of Aldington (large file - 115K).

Here is Wickhamford and Bowers Hill (very large file).

A copy is held by the Worcestershire Record Office and further sections of it are available on the internet from Landmark.

1883/1900/1903 OS 6 inch map

A map showing an area around Badsey. Here is the area to the south of this which includes Wickhamford. Copies of the maps were kindly given to the Badsey Society by Alan Eames.

1888 indenture map

This map was part of an 1888 indenture. It shows fields around Sands Lane.

1891 auction

The 1891 auction details include two maps showing the lots.

1892 auction

These 1892 auction details include maps of the Parks Estate and Badsey Fields.

1894 map showing land for the school

This map of 1894 shows the land purchased for the new school. 1894a indicates the land bought from Captain Lords Trustees, 1894b indicates the land bought from the glebe; 1961 indicates the land bought nearly 70 years later to extend the school site.

1896 drainage map

This map shows existing and planned sewers along the High Street. One interesting detail is the position of the original post office in Old Post Office Lane. For background information see the article A public water supply for Badsey.

1897 auction

The 1897 auction details include a map showing the lots.

1898 Glebe Farm map

A small 1:2500 map held in the library of Christ Church Oxford showing Glebe Farm, the Vicarage and a field called Stockey.(Not reproduced on this website.)

1901 census

A modern reconstruction of the route taken by the 1901 census enumerator in Badsey and Aldington.
(Note house 110, Gladstone Cottage, is not shown in its correct position on this reconstruction.)

1905 map

A large scale OS map of Badsey about 1905.

1910 - 1915 maps

Maps from the land valuation survey.

1921 map

A large scale OS map based on the 1883 survey and revised in 1921. Scale 1:2500. Many thanks to David Everett of Kidderminster for donating the map to The Badsey Society. Large file - 350K.

1930 map of Badsey Undergrounds

The map illustrates the division of market gardening land into strips.

1940s landholding maps

Market gardening in the mid 20C: Ron Sidwell's landholding maps from the 1940s.

1953 OS one inch map

This post war map shows Littleton and Badsey Station and the recently built Horsebridge Avenue. (With thanks to Martin Waring.)

Historical parishes around Badsey

A simple map showing the historical parishes that surround the parish of Badsey and Aldington.

Auction maps

Not all the auction maps are listed here. You may find more material on the auction pages.

Listed buildings in Badsey and Aldington

Listed buildings are one of several types of thematic maps on the Evesham Mapped website. The site also has some historical maps.

Modern maps

We recommend Open Street Map:

View larger map. To find an address search for 'Aspargo House', '30 Horsebridge Avenue', 'Gladstone Cottage, Badsey', or something similar.

On the website you will find directions to Badsey.

Place names in Badsey and Aldington

This is an index of place names within the old parish of Badsey and Aldington.

Wickhamford maps

There is a separate list of these.

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