Marriages 1590 - 1599

These records were transcribed from the original parish registers by Maureen Spinks. If you click on the index link you will be taken to an alphabetical index which may contain other entries for the same family. Notes in italics are added by the transcriber: other notes appeared in the original register. (X) = made mark, (Y) = signed, BT = bishop's transcript.





Banns or Licence



19 Jan 1590 

Francis WHITE   Index 






Jane SMITH   Index 



23 Sep 1590 

Thomas HARDY   Index 





Originally WHYTE, but then H crossed out and replaced with R.

Margery WRYTE   Index 



19 Jan 1591 

Thomas PIGEON   Index 






Alice SMITH   Index 



15 Sep 1591 

William HARWARD   Index 






Margaret ROBERTS   Index 



20 Oct 1591 

Thomas HIGYNGS   Index 






Ann WOODWARD   Index 



7 Feb 1592 

William HILL   Index 






Elizabeth PRICE   Index 



8 Feb 1593 

George WELLES   Index 






Margaret BROOKES   Index 



11 Feb 1593 

William BIDELL   Index 






Elizabeth WHYTE   Index 



3 Jul 1593 

Richard WHYTE   Index 






Elizabeth TANDY   Index 



20 Apr 1594 

John BROOKES   Index 






Ann PERKYNSON   Index 



30 Nov 1595 

Thomas PIERSE   Index 





Originally missed out and then inserted so not very clear.

Anne GRINNELL   Index 



27 Jan 1595 

John CASTELL   Index 






Joan PEARSE   Index 



13 Oct 1595 

Richard WILKINS   Index 






Periana WELLES   Index 



27 Jan 1595 

John MEAKYNS   Index 






Elizabeth HARWARD   Index 



29 Apr 1596 

William BUGDEN   Index 






Jane MARTYN   Index 



30 Jun 1596 

John HOPKYNS   Index 






Elizabeth SMITH   Index 



19 Jan 1595 

Philip KYGHLEO   Index 


South Littleton 



Married by Eustace Kyghle, Bachelor of Divinity.
Mistress Elizabeth Sheldon Dowager

Elizabeth SHELDON   Index 



6 Feb 1597 

William BANNISTER   Index 






Elizabeth GEORGE   Index 



26 Oct 1597 

Thomas CAMDEN   Index 






Eleanor HAINES   Index 



18 Dec 1597 

Henry PRYCE   Index 






Alice STRAUNGE   Index 



31 Jan 1597 

William ROBINS   Index 






Margery GEORGE   Index 



21 Oct 1599 

William BOULT   Index 






Joan BRANDEN   Index 



11 Nov 1599 

Robert GEORGE   Index 






Margaret HARWARD   Index 



17 Jan 1599 

Umfridus SHEPPEE   Index 






Eleanor ROBERTS   Index 



17 Jan 1599 

John ROBYNS   Index 






Joan ROBERTS   Index 



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