Marriages 1650 - 1659

These records were transcribed from the original parish registers by Maureen Spinks. If you click on the index link you will be taken to an alphabetical index which may contain other entries for the same family. Notes in italics are added by the transcriber: other notes appeared in the original register. (X) = made mark, (Y) = signed, BT = bishop's transcript.





Banns or Licence



19 May 1650 

John YATE   Index 






Alice SAVADGE   Index 



7 Jun 1650 

William GUNNE   Index 






Mary LIGHTFOOT   Index 



22 Jul 1650 

John WIRNALL   Index 






Joan BALDWYN   Index 



4 Jun 1651 

Richard BADSEY   Index 






Elizabeth BARBER   Index 



5 Apr 1651 

Anthony SMYTH   Index 






Elizabeth LANE   Index 



22 Jun 1652 

Thomas SPRAGGE   Index 






Marian PIGEON   Index 



6 Oct 1652 

Anthony BLIZZARD   Index 






Anne PIGEON   Index 



25 Sep 1653 

John HARBEDGE   Index 






Elizabeth WHITE   Index 



24 Jul 1654 

John SNOW   Index 






Elizabeth FROST   Index 



17 Nov 1655 

William MEDDOWES   Index 






Mary RICKETTS   Index 



5 Dec 1657 

Edward MAUNDER   Index 






Mary MICHELL   Index 



13 Oct 1658 

John CRUMPE   Index 






Katherine HOBBES   Index 



4 Nov 1658 

Robert BRASSINGTON   Index 






Mary BADSEY   Index 



12 Mar 1658 

Richard WALLINGTON   Index 






Mary EAST   Index 



22 Jun 1659 

William RIDGMAN   Index 






Anne RUSSELL   Index 



17 Jul 1659 

William LAMPETT   Index 





Cicely presumably 

Sisley SHELDON   Index 



5 Sep 1659 

William TOMMIES   Index 






Anne SNELL   Index 



9 Oct 1659 

James KNIGHT   Index 






Mary LEA   Index 



5 Dec 1659 

William BREWER   Index 






Elizabeth RUSSEL   Index 



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