Notes on the Parish Records

Microfilm records of Badsey Parish Records may be viewed at Worcestershire Record Office. The original registers are also deposited there, but may occasionally be made available to transcribers for checking. The later registers tend to follow a set layout, but the earliest register reveals some interesting information, which is not always apparent just by viewing the microfilm. The handwriting was often poor, and during some years a variety of scribes took on the job; also, some of the entries (eg 1538-1601) were copied into the register at a much later date. In the light of this information, whilst I have tried to provide as accurate a transcript as possible, it may be that there were errors at the time.


1538-1785 - Baptisms, Marriages, Burials

A leather-bound book, which says on the spine:

1 BADSEY 1538 to 1784

The front cover of the first book says:


Badsey, 1539-1785

Marriages, Baptisms, Burials

Inside the front cover, it says:

This Register Book containing 181 pages of Marriages, Baptisms and Burials was entirely copied out by the Rev W H Price, Vicar of the Parishes of Badsey and Wickhamford in the month of September and October 1898 in the second year of his Vicariate.

[The page numbers seem to have been entered by Price at the end of the 19th century when transcribing the register. The transcript of the Badsey register seems to have been lost, but the Wickhamford transcript is available at the Worcestershire Record Office.]

The title page says:

Badsey Register from the

year 1539 to 1785

D Jones

[After this someone has written in pencil: ie to end of year1784. It seems that the front cover and title pages were entered in the 1780s by D Jones, but the main part was done in 1600, and then kept up-to-date – more-or-less – from then on.]

The next page says:

Be it remembered ye [then there is nothing else] – but on the facing page is D Jones’ signature in bold print.

On the next page there is a heading (written in English):

A Register Booke of Weddings, Christenings and Buryings in the parish of Badsey, monoscripto? Anno Domini 1600 [someone else has then written in at a later date– probably Price – ie 16th century]

Marriages (pages 1 – 22)

The Register begins with Marriages on page 1. The registers in the 16th and 17th centuries give simply the names of the couple and the date of marriage. Interspersed at appropriate dates are sentences such as:

Anno Domi 1571 tempore Johanis Jones sun et ibm Capellani (this denotes a change of vicar)

1538-1601 Numbered entries, in neat writing, written in Latin; the numbering stops at 121 in 1601 (same hand up to 102)

1603 No entries

1604 The entries start properly again (but without numbers)

1605 The entries start appearing in English

1605-1609 Probably the same scribe

1610-1619 Probably a new scribe

1620-1622 Probably a new scribe

1623-1628 Probably a new scribe

1629-1635 No entries

1636-1644 Assorted scribes

1645 No entries

1646-1660 The entries are well written, by one person

1661 Scrappier entry

1671-1679 No entries

1680-1704 Patchy (no entries 1693-1696 and 1703-1704)

1705-1732 Neatly written (the new inscriber, R Hill, includes information on where living)

1733-1759 Change of handwriting (several scribes); less good but then improves a bit (some years with no entries)

1760-1768 Smaller handwriting, new scribe, less clear

1769-1773 New scribe

1774-1784 Difficult to read (ink faded more than on earlier pages)

Marriages finish on page 22 with a sentence after the entry for 2 Nov 1784:

For the year following look into the new Register which begins Jan 1st 1785, DJ (this is David Jones, Curate)

From 1754, with the new Marriage Act, information was required to be kept in a special book, but the original register was also maintained. The latter continued to just list names and dates, but the new book required far greater information:

Baptisms (pages 23 – 118)

Baptisms from 1538 begin on page 23. There is no mention of when inscribed, but presumably at the same time as the 1538-1601 marriages.

1538-1602 All neatly written in Latin and numbered up to 557 (13 Aug 1602), though the main scribe seems to have finished at 552 (27 Feb 1601)

28 Apr 1605 First entry in English

1629-1635 No entries

1671-1679 No entries

1693-1696 No entries

Baptisms finish on page 118 with a sentence after the entry for 27 Dec 1784:

For the year following look into the new Register which begins Jan 1st 1785, DJ (this is David Jones, Curate)

There is then a note which says:

It is to be observed that the Register Book was not filled regularly since the year 1768 owing to the Rev William Rawlins late Minister … his neglect but a true copy of the transcripts was kept yearly and at the desire of the parishioners I have taken upon me to fill it up which I have done in 1789.

D Jones, Curate under G Drummond, Incumbent

Burials (pages 119 – 181)

The first entries are neatly written in Latin and numbered; the numbering finishes at 360 (12 May 1602).

The burials finish on page 181, with an entry on 6 Nov 1784 for the burial of the Rev John Rawlins.


At the end of the register, there is then a list of names of those taking the Protestation (1642).

Inserts inside the original register

Inside the original register are inserted a couple of interesting newspaper cuttings (presumably from The Evesham Journal of the late 19th century):

£2 REWARD will be given to any person who can send the CERTIFICATE of the MARRIAGE of the late GEORGE & ANN HANDS. He was a Leather Dresser by Trade, and was married before 1833. Address, box 372, Journal Office, Evesham.




These Events took place during the years of 1550 to 1711. Ten Shillings Reward will be paid for any one of the above Certificates on forwarding to Mrs MARY BEE, 620 Coventry Road, Samll Heath, Birmingham.

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