Sands Lane

This is a list of buildings in Sands Lane. The survey was carried out in February 2004 with the purpose of understanding the historical development of the village. See also the index of place names in Badsey and Aldington. Here is an historical description of Sands Lane.

South Side
North Side
(West end at junction with Willersey Road)

'Hitower' & 'Fieldview' (semi detached late 20C)
'Bramble' & 'Pendoc' (semi detached late 20C)
'Seymour' (early 20C)
Hovel where vegetables are sold.
10 Sands Lane 'Yew Close' (early 20C)
12 Sands Lane 'Grosvenor House 1910'
18 Sands Lane - Greenacres Animal Rescue (early 20C bungalow with extensive outbuildings for animals)
22 Sands Lane (farm house with outbuildings, 19C or earlier)
24 Sands Lane (mid 20C)
Cotswold Garden Flowers - Bob Brown's nursery

1 & 3 Sands Lane (semi detached about 1900)
5, 7, 9 & 11 Sands Lane 'Cotswold Terrace' dated 1893
13, 15, 17 & 19 Sands Lane 'Cotswold View' dated 1889
'Silver Dawn' (late 20C)
21 Sands Lane (bungalow, late 20C)
(Binyon Close)
23 Sands Lane (bungalow, late 20C)
(Footpath & Recreation Ground)

(East end)


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