King George VI Coronation Party, 1937

Eclipse of the Sun, 17 April 1912

Badsey WI Drama Group

Sladden family group

Four young men in boaters

King George V's Silver Jubilee

Knight family group

Group of Boys in 1951 at Badsey

The Old Vicarage at Badsey

Workers at Aldington Manor

The blacksmith’s shop, 1927

Cyril Bird’s garage in the late 1930s

Boys in Mill Lane, Badsey

Knife Sharpener working at Badsey

Badsey WI Outing to London, 1950s

William Pethard’s business premises

William Pethard and his Telephone

Maypole dancing at the back of Badsey Manor

Scout Group Gang Show 1952

Scout Group, 1948

Wilkins family with baskets for produce

Trip to Llandudno

Wheatsheaf Inn about 1910

St James' Close about 1962

Glebe Cottage & Vicarage Cottage


Badsey Mummers about 1950

Seward House & The Poplars

Seward Road, November 1973

Dovecote in Wheatleys Orchard

Aldington Mill

Badsey Mission Room

Manor House, Aldington

Seward House group, 1937

Men's day out 1926

Women's outing, 1950s

Mother and toddler group, 1950s

Pageant about 1920

Old Barn on Mill Lane

Old Buildings in School Lane

Old Council Stores, Blackminster

Poplar's Garage, High Street, Badsey

Air Gun Team

Hutchings family of Chapel Street

Keen family at the Green

A harvest of gypsophila

Radishes off to market

Aldington Baptist Sunday School

AldingtonChapel about 1905

Aldington about 1900

Thousandth Council House

Post Office

Brewer's Lane in the 1920s

E F Salter's shop

High Street & the Wellingtonia tree

Chapel Street 1905

Old Post Office Lane

The Poplars

Narcissi growing and plum blossom

Asparagus harvest

Blacksmith's cottage about 1913

Asparagus presentation

Badsey Juniors, 1923-24 champions

Petrol at LBG

LBG staff about 1930

Record breaking peal ringers in 1956

Badsey Juniors 1952 - 1953

Badsey Rangers 1920 - 1921

Hall family in motorcycle & sidecar

World war II bride

Wedding of Louisa Moisey

Wartime hoeymoon

GI wedding at Badsey

Unidentified photograph

Badsey cricket team 1920s
Seward House group in 1927

Badsey Rangers team photos

Badsey Quakers

Cider receipt

Lawn at Seward House

Badsey Rangers FC 1932-1933

Old School building

School team 1936/1937

Cricket Club 1954/1955

Looking Back is an assortment of old photographs from the village of Badsey in Worcestershire. The pictures are in no particular order.
Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version and for more information.

Photographs of buildings in and around Badsey

Pairs of photographs show changes over 75 years

Updated 28 April 2015.