Men's day out, 1926

The photograph has this caption on the back: "Badsey, menís day out, 1926". The vehicle can be seen entering Waterside in Evesham. The names of the people are as follows: I Welch, F Barnard, G Ballard, A Stanley, T Keen, J Nightingale, C Cresswell, A Harwood, G Evans, A Sadler, T Warmington, Bandy Jelfs, G Crane, A Bell, F Thould, Cresswell (Senior), B Knight, A Bell (Senior), B Haine, A Mustoe, C Collett, F Dore, H Wheatley, T Wilson, B Woodward, W Ballard (Senior), A Dore (Senior), B Cockerton. The photograph was loaned by Pete Addis of Badsey.

This is an assortment of old photographs from the village of Badsey in Worcestershire.

Updated 20 March 2004.