Sladden Family Group

Sir Julius Sladden (1847 - 1928, top left), a local brewery owner and prominent Badsey citizen, lived at Seward House. He was photographed with three brothers and a sister, all children of Dr John and Elizabeth Sladden of Ash in Kent. Top right is Francis Nixon Sladden (1843 - 1909), bottom left to right, George Coleman Sladden (1840 - 1909), Charlotte Hayward (1849 - 1918) and Dilnot Sladden (1842 - 1906).
This photograph was loaned by Patsy Miller (
née Sladden) great grandaughter of Dilnot Sladden who lived in New Zealand.
This is an assortment of old photographs from the village of Badsey in Worcestershire.

Updated 27 November 2003.