Hall family in motorcycle and sidecar

William Charles Hall married Maud Snell at Badsey in 1912. The picture shows them with their first son William Henry Hall who was born on 3 July 1913 and was always known as 'Harry'.

The motorcycle was a Hazlewood, who were in business from 1905 to 1923. Most of their production was exported to the colonies, with very few machines reaching the home markets. The sidecar is of a type used prior to World War I. The bike is believed to have a V twin 499 cc engine. The mascot on the handlebars is a golly doll produced by Robertsons Jams around 1910.

William Hall was a son of Owen and Eliza Hall living at Auburn Villa (now 7 Willersey Road). The photograph was kindly lent to us by Robert Hall.

Looking Back is an assortment of old photographs around the villages of Badsey and Aldington in Worcestershire.

Updated 6 March 2013.