Seward House group in 1927

This is one of a pair of photographs which were probably both taken on 28 July 1927 at Seward House on the occasion of Julius Sladden's 80th birthday. Julius Sladden, who is on the front row with a bow tie, owned a brewery and lived in Seward House. He died a year later in 1928. His guests appear to be elderly parishoners. If you can put names to the faces, please let us know.

The other picture in the pair appears on page 90 of A Brief History of Badsey and Aldington. It has a different group of people, apart from Sladden and the man with the blanket, who are in both pictures.

A similar picture at Seward House, dated 1937, shows that the Sladden's daughters held a similar garden party 10 years afterwards.

The picture is from the Margaret Amos collection and we are grateful to Maureen Pratt who lent it to us.

Looking Back is an assortment of old photographs around the villages of Badsey and Aldington in Worcestershire.

Updated 18 December 2013.