Badsey Rangers team photos

The first photo dates from between 1934 and 1937. The names (from left to right) are as follows -
Back row: Arthur Taylor, 'Manny' Dowdeswell, George Geden, Jack Ellis, Jack Swain, ? Tom Robbins, Edgar Salter (Trainer).
Front row: Harry Attwood, Albert Jones, Ernest 'Yarney' Tomkins, Unknown, Wally Major. 

The second photo dates from 1947/48.
Back row: Ron Rouse (Secretary), Percy Stock, Jim Sadler, Pete Osbourne, Ron Bass, Cyril Knight, Frank Barnard, Ron Knight, Vin Brighton, Edgar Salter (Trainer).
Front row: Bill Willmore, Wally Izod, Gordon Malins, Les Malins, Bill Izod.

We are grateful to Robert (Sam) Salter , the son of the late Edgar Salter, who lent us these photos. Thanks also to Terry Sparrow for help with the names.

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Looking Back is an assortment of old photographs around the villages of Badsey and Aldington in Worcestershire.

Updated 6 February 2015.