Auctions of land around Badsey and Aldington:
1864, 25 Jul 1864, 2 Jul 1866, 23 Jul.1866, Sep.1866, 1891,
1892, 1897, Jun.1912, Sep.1912, 1914, 1915, 1930.

Auction 23 July 1866

Auctions of land and property in Badsey were held from time to time. The published particulars give useful information about place names, ownership and other details.


"All the Lots (excepting the whole of Lot 1, 4a. 3r. 5p., portion of Lot 2, la. 0r. 10p., part of Lot 7, and the whole of Lot 9,) are freehold, tithe free, and land tax redeemed; the excepted Lots and portions of Lots are Leasehold for the residue of a term of 1000 years, created in the year 1657, and are for all practical purposes equal to freehold.

Badsey is a very attractive village and one of the most picturesque in the vale of Evesham; the land now offered for sale is of the most fertile description; it lies within two miles or thereabouts of the Borough of Evesham, where there are first-class stations on the Great Western and Midland Railways, by which means direct carriage are afforded to the best Markets in England for Agricultural and Horticultural produce.

Land of the above description is rapidly increasing in value in this locality by reason of its adaptability for garden cultivation; the greater part of the Lots have been drained and excellently farmed by the present tenant, who has held the lands for several years. He is a yearly tenant under notice to quit at Michaelmas next, when possession of all the Lots may be had. If any accommodation to a purchaser, two-thirds of the purchase money of any Lot may be secured on Mortgage.

To view apply to Mr. Parker, the tenant on the premises, and for further particulars to Edward Wilson, Esq., 4, Rosslyn Villas, Cheltenham, the Proprietor; the Auctioneer, at Evesham; Messrs. Webb and Wintle, Land Agents, Evesham, or to MESSRS. NEW, PRANCE & GARRARD, SOLICITORS, EVESHAM AND ALCESTER.

Lot 1. The Manor or reputed MANOR OF BADSEY, with the rents and services (if any) thereto belonging, and all that Close of Land being the CHURCHYARD for the said Parish of Badsey, and the Garden adjoining thereto, now occupied by Mrs. E. Oldaker, and containing together la. 0r. 1p. Together with the customary fees, payable to the proprietor, for burials in the said Churchyard.

Lot 2. All those FOUR CLOSES OF ARABLE LAND situate in Broad Corner, on the South Side of the Evesham and Bretforton Turnpike Road, in Badsey aforesaid, and containing together by measurement 40a. 2r. 27p. This valuable Lot has recently been well and effectually drained, and the Land is of excellent quality. It has a frontage along the whole of its north side to the Turnpike Road, and is bounded on other sides thereof by Land of Miss Byrd and the Rev. T. H. Clark.

Lot 3. All those TWO PIECES OF EXCELLENT PASTURE LAND planted with Fruit Trees, called "Upper and Lower Netherfield." lying on the north side of and having a frontage to the said Evesham and Bretforton Turnpike Road, and containing together by admeasurement 7a. 1 r. 13p. This Lot is fine old turf, and has valuable beds of paving and limestone running under it, and is bounded by land of Joseph Woodward, Esq., and the Blackminster Lane.

Lot 4. All that CLOSE OF ARABLE, LAND called " Netherfield," containing by admeasurement 3a. 2r. 30p., also lying, on the north side of and having a frontage to the said Turnpike Road, and bounded by lands of Mr. George Field, and the Royal Oak Inn, and lands of Mrs. Ingles. This land is of excellent quality and well adapted for Gardening purposes; the adjoining land having been successfully cultivated as garden land by the proprietor, Mr. G. Field.

Lot 5. All that CLOSE OF ARABLE LAND called 11 Bully Brook Close," containing 5a. 2r. 16p., and the adjoining 9 9 piece of PASTURE LAND called " Vicar's Leys Orchard, well planted with Barland Pear Trees, now in full bearing containing (1a. 3r. 13p. This Lot lies on the south side of and adjoins the Highway leading from Badsey to Willersey, and is bounded on the whole of its south side by Bully Brook, and on the remaining sides by lands of Joseph Woodward, Esq., and the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church.

Lot 6. All that CLOSE OF SPLENDID ARABLE LAND called "Long Close," containing by admeasurement 4a. 1r. 32p., bounded by land of Miss Byrd and the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church. This Lot is admirably adapted for Garden Purposes, and if let for that purpose would command a high rental.

Lot 7. All that very VALUABLE, PIECE OF PASTURE LAND AND ORCHARD lying near the toll-gate on the Evesham Road, and having a frontage to the said road, containing 5a. 0r. 33p., And bounded by lands of the Rev. Mr. Bourlay and Mr. Thos. Byrd, and by Lot 8. This Orchard is now in full bearing, and is one of the most productive in the County.

Lot 8. All those FIVE COTTAGES, WITH THE GARDENS AND APPURTENANCES thereto, fronting the before mentioned turnpike road, and as to part thereof adjoining Lot 7. These Cottages are now in the occupation of Taylor, Harris, Attwood, Hartwell, and Collett. They are very pleasantly situated, and always command tenants.

Lot 9. All that MESSUAGE being the Old MANOR HOUSE OF BADSEY, with the Extensive FARM BUILDINGS, GARDEN, YARDS, and Valuable Piece of PASTURE LAND or Cherry Orchard, thereto adjoining, situate in the pleasant village of Badsey, and extending from the public road or street of Badsey to Badsey Brook, containing, with the sites of the buildings, 5a. Or. 10p., and now, with the foregoing Lots, in the occupation of Mr. William Parker as tenant thereof."

The Worcestershire Record Office holds the papers including a map of the lots (reference 705:273 parcel 28). We gratefully acknowledge their help.

Here is the map showing the lots (large file - 520K).

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