Auctions of land around Badsey and Aldington:
1864, 25 Jul 1864, 2 Jul 1866, 23 Jul.1866, Sep.1866, 1891,
1892, 1897, Jun.1912, Sep.1912, 1914, 1915, 1930.

Auction 1891

Auctions of land and property in Badsey were held from time to time. The published particulars give useful information about place names, ownership and other details.

"(By order of the Trustees of the Will of the late Thomas Appelbee, deceased, and the Trustee of the Settlement of the late Mr and Mrs William Gibbs, deceased) ..."

Lot 1 describes what is now called Harrington House together with "adjoing STONE-BUILT COTTAGE, SHOEING FORGE, Warehouse and Out-offices. Also all that FINE ORCHARD at the rear of the above Premises, running down to the Brook ... and is in the several occupations of Mr. S. Johns and Messers. Moore, Robbins and Addis ...". The cottage may be the older Hollywood Villa.

Lot 2 is an orchard facing the house on the other side of the High Street.

Lot 3 lies to the east of lot 2 described as a "cottage or tenement, with the outbuildings, pigstye and garden ... in the occupation of Mr John Harris... "

Lot 4 is Claybrook "Excellent Farm in the occupation of Mr Henry Byrd" sold in four parts. Names include Netherfield Closes, Claybrook Ground, Collett's Great and Little Closes, Collett's Meadow, Jones' Ground, Williams' Ground, Long Ground, Netherfield Orchard.

The Worcestershire Record Office holds the papers including a map of the lots (reference 705:273 parcel 28). We gratefully acknowledge their help.

Here are two maps showing the lots: Claybrook and the village with the Johns House (Harrington House).

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