Wilson family deeds 1589-1822

This is a transcription of a list of deeds among the papers at Worcestershire Record Office. The whereabouts of the deeds themselves is unknown.

'Schedule of the Title Deeds to the Manor of Badsey in the County of Worcester and certain Lands there the property of Edward Wilson Esquire deposited in the Possession of William Bonaker of Evesham in the said Co.' The list is dated 1 July 1822. In this transcription the deeds are sorted into date order. WRO reference: BA No.7842 Ref 705:854.

The surnames included are: Acton, Ashwin, Badger?, Badsey, Baldwin, Ballard, Beale, Bonaker, Brooks, Byrch, Clifton, Cooke, Curtis, Dinley (Dingley), Dorrell, Ewins (Ewans), Field, Freens, Gabriel, Griffin, Grove, Hall, Harris, Harvey, Harwood, Hinton, Hobye, Horne, Hunter, Hurst, Izod, Jarrett, Kettleby, Lawrence, Marshall, Morgan, Morris, New, Parish, Parsons, Penny, Pidgeon, Quiney, Roberts, Russell, Ryghley, Sherwood, Smith (Smyth), Spekarte, Throckmorton, Welch, Wilks, Wilson.

10 June 1589. Thomas Throckmorton to Reece Griffin. Release of Manor of Badsey and Lands there.

17 Feb 1598. Griffin to Hobye. Release of Manor & Lands.

20 Nov 1599. Hobye to Ryghley & wife. Release of Manor and Lands.

1 May 1609. Kettleby and wife to Cooke & Spekarte. Conveyance of Manor and Lands.

20 Nov 1611. Charles Kettleby & wife and Abraham Spekarte to John Kettleby. Release of Manor.

1 May 1611. Charles Kettleby & wife to Hy Cooke & Abraham Spekarte. Conveyance of Manor and Lands.

17 April 1616. Charles and John Kettleby to Sebastian Harvey and wife. Feoffment of Manor and Lands. [Feoffment = freehold transfer.]

27 Dec 1630. Sir Thos Hinton and wife to William Gabriel. Bill deed to levy fine on Manor etc.

10 June 1647. Rich. Pidgeon to Wm. Pidgeon. Bond to perform covenants.

29 Sep 1652. William Pidgeon and Wife to Thos. Ashwin Feoffment of Lands. [Feoffment = freehold transfer.]

20 Sep 1656. William Pidgeon & Wife to Thos. Ashwin Release of House & Lands.

4 Jun 1657. Richard Badger Senr. to Richard Badger Junr. Marriage Settlement and Conveyance of certain Lands in Badsey. [Badger may be a misreading of the surname Badsey.]

27 Aug 1662. Harwood & Horne to Smith - Release of Wears? Ley.

18 Jun 1677. Nathe. Smyth, Kath. Smyth and Thos. Smyth to Thomas Wilson. Assignment of Manor for 1000 years and Feoffment of Lands. [Feoffment = freehold transfer.]

4 & 5 Jan 1682. Sir Edw. Dinely To Kath. Wilson widow. Lease & release of a piece of ground in Badsey called Bully Brook. [Dinley may be Dingley family.]

8 Oct 1683. Schedule of Deeds of late Marke Quiney's Lands

22 Apr 1684. Thomas Pidgeon and Wife to Agustine Jarrett - Feoffment of Lands.

23 Apr 1684. Thomas Pidgeon and Wife by the direction of Jarrett to Mess. George and Giles Pidgeon Assignment of term of 500 years to attend the Inheritance.

5 Feb 1688. Mrs. Wilson and Edwd. Wilson to Mess. Parsons and John Wilson - Marriage Settlement. Also: Counterpart of same.

17 Jan 1692. John Grove to William Grove Feoffment of Lands in Common Fields.

1 Jun 1694. Probate Copy of Sarah Freens Will.

14 May 1703. William Grove to Nicholas Field - Mortge for term of 1000 yrs.

24 May 1704. William Grove to Nicholas Field - Mortge.

3 & 4 May 1708. William Grove & Wife to Edwd. Wilson - Lease and Release.

5 May 1708. John Sherwood & others to Chas. Lawrence Assignment of Mortge term in trust for Edwd. Wilson.

1712. Smiths fine.

27 Feb 1713. Richard Badsey to William Badsey. Conveyance of a Moiety of two Houses. [Moiety = a share, often a half share.]

29 Sep 1714. William Badsey to Edward Wilson - Bond to perform covenants.

16 Apr 1714. Probate Copy of Jash. Morris's Will.

28 & 29 Sep 1715. John and Richard Ashwin to Edwd. Wilson Lease & Release of Lands.

15 Feb 1715. Marriage Settlement prev. To Marr. of Edwd. Wilson with Eliz. Curtis.

27 Jan 1720. Deed of Settlement of Manor and Lands to the use of Edwd. Wilson Junr. & Wife. Also: Counterpart of same.

2 & 3 Oct 1721. Jas Jarrett Esq. To Edwd. Wilson Lease and Release.

3 Jan 1722. Thos. Wilson to Edward Wilson - Feoffment of Leg of Land near the Green.

H J term 2 Geo 2 (1729). Byrch to New & Wife Cheogt.? Of Fine.

11 Mar 1730. Hannah Harris's Bond agd.? Dower.

10 Mar 1733. Hannah Wilson to Husband - Deed of Discharge.

2 Jun 1747. Wilson to Brooks - Marriage Settlement.

26 Jun 1767. Wilson to Smyth - Mortgage.

22 & 23 Jul 1771. Thos. Izod to Edward Wilson - Lease and Release.

23 Jul 1771. Mess. Penny Acton and Smith by the Direction of Izod to Richard Baldwin Assignment of term in trust for Edward Wilson and to attend the inheritance.

3 May 1772. Mary Wilson to Edward Wilson - Grant of Annuity.

3 Nov 1772. Rd. Hall and Wife and Roberts and Wife to Edwd. Wilson - Lease of Farm.

25 Mar 1776. Edwd. Wilson to Michl. Russell - Mortge.

20 Feb 1776. John New to John Smith - Lease of Lands in Bengeworth and a parcel of useless? papers in number 26.

15 Dec 1777. Edward Wilson to Thos. Beale William Barnes and Jos. Smith - Mortge to secure 100 in trust for poor of Bengeworth.

31 Jan & 1 Feb 1781. John Hunter and George Ewins to Jno. Dorrell Lease & Release of Close

21 Apr 1781. John Dorrell to Eleanor Marshall - Mortge of said Close.

12 Aug 1782. Edward Wilson to Chs. Welch - Mortge.

26 Sep 1782. Edwd. Wilson to George Ewans - Deed to lead the uses in fine.

5 Oct 1795. Henry Hurst, John Hurst Junr. and Geo. Parish to Tho. Clifton Assignment of term of 500 yrs in Close.

26 & 27 Mar 1798. Wilks and others to Wilson and Morgan and others to Ballard - Lease & Release and Assignment.

1 Sep 1816. Edward Wilson to Francis Wilson - Mortge and Demise of Pies? At Badsey to secure 2500 and Int.

1 Jul 1822. Captn. Edwd. Wilson by the direction of Edwd. Wilson to William Bonaker - Assignment of Mortge.

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