Vale of Evesham records

The odds are, that if you are searching for ancestors in Badsey, you will also have ancestors in other parts of the Vale. Here are some suggestions about where to look.

The Evesham Index - a resource for family history

The Evesham Index was created in about 1989 by Sarah Minney, as a means of storing information collected whilst researching her family history. She then started to add entries for Evesham people and so from one box and a packet of index cards it has grown to what it is today – 14 boxes containing an estimated 20,000 card references. Some individual names are represented on many cards while others may only be mentioned on one.

What exactly can be found in the index? Extracts from Parish registers, Directories, Monumental Inscriptions, War memorials, Poll books, Medal rolls, Wills, Census returns, Entries from local and national newspapers and GRO birth, marriage and death entries. Local villages such as Bengeworth, Bretforton, Badsey, Great & Little Hampton and the Littletons are also represented.

Another interesting inclusion is the contact details for anyone who has requested information about a name, so that future enquirers can be put in touch with others who are researching the same names.

Looking for an elusive ancestor? Hit a brick wall? The index cannot promise to solve your problems, but there’s no harm in trying.

Contact Deryn Hawkes at Please allow a week for a reply and ENSURE you mention ‘EVESHAM INDEX’ in the subject box of any email

Waterside Cemetery, Evesham

Peter Stewart has produced a meticulously researched book on the Waterside Cemetery including many colour photographs showing monumental inscriptions. The title of the book is -

"Waterside Cemetery, Evesham, Worcestershire. a survey of burial registers, interments & monumental inscriptions
1875 - 2005"

Currently the book is only available in the reference section of the Evesham Public Library. You will need to ask at the enquiry desk in the library to view it.

The library also has a supplement covering interments in the year 2006, as well as some amendments, corrections, and additional inscriptions.

Parishes around Badsey

Here is a map of parishes around Badsey and links to their websites where they exist.

Vale of Evesham Historical Society

Here is a link to the website for the Vale of Evesham Historical Society.

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