Hollywood Villa - old and new

This photograph taken in October 1996 shows the original Hollywood Villa (note the holly tree) before it was demolished. The pictures below show the new Hollywood Villa being built and completed on the same site at 10 High Street, Badsey.

The old house was probably once occupied by the bailiff of the Harrington House farm. To the left of Hollywood Villa is a house now known as 'Greystones', which was originally the blacksmith's forge for Harrington House. To the right of Hollywood Villa is a driveway leading to two 1970s houses, 8A ("The Willows") and 8B High Street, built on land which originally belonged to Harrington House.

The old house was more than a simple "cottage", possessing two reception rooms downstairs as well as a kitchen. According to strong local tradition it was at one time occupied by two families who, of necessity, shared use of the single staircase. By 1891 it accommodated members of the Johns family, who also occupied Harrington House next door. It stayed in the ownership of the family from 1921 until 1996, but was latterly occupied by Nellie Hartwell, widow of the former Badsey village butcher Elgar Hartwell. She lived there alone until she was in her late nineties, and subsequently died a few days short of her 104th birthday in February 2002..

When the original structure was being demolished it became apparent that it was much older than a cursory examination of the exterior would seem to indicate. Several ancient beams were uncovered, as was much stonework, including carved cotswold limestone, most likely "quarried" from Evesham Abbey. The modern Hollywood Villa incorporates some of that old stonework, visible in the lower courses on the north and east elevations. The new house also re-uses one or two other features from its predecessor, including the stone carved with the name Hollywood Villa, set in the gable above the front door.

Here is an article about Harrington House.

Hollywood Villa appears on the map for an 1891 auction. See also the 1901 census and the Electoral register 1924.

Maureen Spinks & Tony Jerram

The new Hollywood Villa under construction in May 1997.

The completed Hollywood Villa in March 1998.

This early photograph of Hollywood Villa was discovered and restored by Peter Stewart. It reveals a much larger building than in the 1996 photograph above. The date the postcard was sent is 1906 but the photograph could be several years earlier. Peter wonders whether the little girl shown in front of the house is related to the occupants.

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