In Memoriam Cards

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, it was common for "In Memoriam" cards to be sent to relatives on the death of a loved one. 

The following cards, which have been in the Barnard family for the last 100 years, were loaned by Pat Goldstraw (née Barnard).

The genealogical information has been compiled by Maureen Spinks.

GEORGE ADDIS (1821-1904)
George was born at Cropthorne and moved to Badsey about 1850 with his first wife, Ann, young son, Joseph, and his mother-in-law, Sarah Procter; they then had a daughter, Sarah Ann, in 1851. Ann Addis died in 1854 and George married Hannah Barnard, widow of Henry Barnard, in 1863; they had three sons and two daughters.

ROSANNA ADDIS (1872-1907)
Rosanna (or Rose Hannah as she appears in the baptism records) was the daughter of Mary Ann Barnard and Joseph Addis. Mary Ann and Joseph were actually step-brother and step-sister (Joseph’s father, George, had married Mary Ann’s mother, Hannah, in 1863).They did not marry until 1873, a year after Rosanna’s birth. Rosanna was baptised with the surname Barnard but later took on the name Addis (unlike her elder brother, James, who kept the surname Barnard).

JAMES BARNARD (1869-1941)
James was the son of Mary Ann Barnard and Joseph Addis. Mary Ann and Joseph were actually step-brother and step-sister (Joseph’s father, George, had married Mary Ann’s mother, Hannah, in 1863). They did not marry until 1873, four years after James’ birth. James, unlike his sister Rosanna, kept the surname Barnard. James was a Market Gardener and married Mary Ann Dore, by whom he had two sons and seven daughters.

Florence was the seventh of twelve children of James and Sarah Brewer; the Brewers had a bakery in Brewers Lane. Florence died in the diphtheria epidemic which closed Badsey Council School for over a month in 1909.

Daisy was the only child of Charles and Annie Collett. After her death, her parents had another child, Alfred Cecil.

FREDERICK DORE (1877-1891)
Frederick was the ninth of eleven children of Emmanuel and Eliza Dore.

MARY DORE (1841-1908)
Mary Dore was the younger sister of Emmanuel Dore. They had both been born at Ramsden in Oxfordshire, but Emmanuel moved to Badsey in the 1860s where he worked initially as a carpenter and then became a Market Gardener.

WILLIAM HAINES (1860-1898)
William was born and brought up in Bretforton, although his parents, James and Harriet, had married at Badsey in 1849. William married Harriet some time in the 1880s; they were living in Aldington by 1891 with their young son, Norris. Three more children followed: William Albert (1892), Florence Irene (1895) and Edith Marian (1897). William died in 1898, and, five months after his death, his widow, Harriet, sent a card and letter to James Addis (this is believed to have been James Barnard) of Badsey:

January 10th 1899 Dear Mr Addis I am writing to thank you most kindly for doing what you have for me and my dear children in our sad trouble and I have enclosed a card. I thought you might like one knowing my poor husband so well as that is all I can offer you. With my very best thanks. I remain yours truly H Haines Aldington

Elizabeth Helena was born Elizabeth Helena Crisp, the second child and eldest daughter of Elijah and Rose Crisp who had eleven children in total; Elijah and Rose Crisp kept the Post Office. Lena, as she was known, trained as a teacher at Badsey School. She married Harold Idiens and had one son.

John Henry McDonald came to Badsey in 1894 when he became Headmaster of Badsey Board School. He was originally from Liverpool. Two of his daughters, Margaret and Jean, taught at Badsey School, Jean marrying Frank Amos who succeeded John McDonald as Headmaster.

THOMAS SEARS (1836-1896)
Thomas was born at Wickhamford but married Alice Savage of Aldington at Badsey in 1866. They had four sons (two of whom died in infancy) and two daughters.

Lucy was the fifth child and eldest daughter of Horace and Lucy Wheatley who had 13 children in total. Horace Wheatley kept a butcher’s shop at “The Poplars”, a house which was demolished in the 1960s.

Updated 28th February 2005.