Reverend William Henry Price

Sue Toms is interested in her grandmother Emily Jane Porter who was born 7 Sep 1883 in Bengeworth and attended Badsey School. She has inherited a book 'Helps to Worship' that was given to her grandmother in 1901 by the Rev Price who was then vicar. Here are some brief notes about this Badsey vicar who was especially popular with young people in his parish.

William Henry Price began his work in Badsey in 1897. In A Brief History of Badsey and Aldington, Terry Sparrow describes the man -

"... Badsey was his first living; he had formerly been chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford. He soon caused concern by innovations such as candles on the altar and a server at the Holy Communion service. Savory tells us that one of the members of the School Board ". . . reckoned that our children are being taught a lot of Popery" and the Board, apparently fearing that the new vicar could have the wrong influence on the children, restricted his attendance at the school for religious instruction to only one day per week. Perhaps Price tried to achieve too much too quickly, yet it is certain that the Church in Badsey progressed considerably during his incumbency. He appears to have been particularly popular with young people; 60 candidates were presented for Confirmation during his first year here and there were about 160 names on the Sunday School register.

"Much, too, was done in a material way. He started the Parish Magazine, 150 copies of the first edition being sold in January 1898 at a penny a copy. He spent many hours transcribing the old churchwardens' accounts; a portion was published in 1913 under the title Parish of Badsey Churchwardens' Accounts 1525-1571. Price's ministry ended tragically on 15th March 1903, when he collapsed at the altar in Badsey Church whilst celebrating Holy Communion and died later the same day. He was 42. A memorial to him may be seen in Wickhamford Church; a stained glass window in the east wall of the chancel."

Here is a memorial to Price and his widow in Badsey churchyard.

Here are the Churchwarden Accounts 1525-1571 transcribed by Price and published after his death.

Here are some early articles from the Parish Magazine which Price started.

  The Revered William Henry Price

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