Public Record Office documents about Badsey

The Public Record Office is best known for census records but its huge archives also include many other materials from government departments. Listed below are records which include the word Badsey in their description - usually they are about the village of Badsey but a few refer to people called Badsey. More information can be found on the Public Record Office website, but to see the actual records you will probably have to travel to Kew or one of their other archives in London.

Records of the Exchequer, and its related bodies,
with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths,
and the Court of Augmentations

PRO Reference Title/Scope and Content Covering Dates
E 117/12/34 Badsey & Aldington (church goods and inventories) 1548 - 1558
Edw VI-Phil & Mary
E 134/12&13Chas1/Hil3 Richard Canning and his wife Philippa, Wm. Langston and his wife Jane. v. Faith Bate, widow: A lease of lands in the manor of Willersey (Gloster), purchased by Thos. Bate (defendant's late husband). Sir Phillip Keightley and his wife Elizabeth, Richard Hobby, of Badsey (her father), &c. 1637 - 1638
12 & 13 Chas 1
E 134/13Chas1/Trin6 Richard Canning and his wife Philippa, William Laughton, and his wife Jane. v. Faith Bate, widow: Manor of Willersey alias Willersley (Gloucester), Richd. Hobby, of Badsey (Gloucester), Sir Phil. Keightley, of Littleton (Worcester), and his wife Elizth.,Chas. 1638
13 Chas 1
E 134/3W&M/Mich34 Henry Chauntrell v. Sheldon Stephens (an infant), by Thos. Tolley his guardian, John Tolley and his wife Mary, William Forrest.: Messuage and yard land (lately belonging to Cox Stephens, defendant's late father), lying in Wyer, Piddle, and elsewhere, in the parish of Fladbury (Worcester), and touching the sale of the lands in Badsey belonging to "Chrisogon," the wife of said Cox Stephens, &c. 1691
3 W & M
E 134/1Anne/Mich5 James West v. John Aldington, Thomas Timbrell.: Manor and demesnes of Wickhamford alias Wickenford, and the villages of Badsey and Aldington, alias Aunton (Worcester), were they parcel or reputed parcel of the abbey or monastery of Evesham? &c., &c. Tithes. 1702
1 Anne
E 134/1&2Anne/Hil1 The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Oxford, of the foundation of King Henry the Eighth, Charles Nixon, clerk, "and others." v. John Wilson, of Campden, Thomas Timbrell, Michael Johnson, Francis Beaufoy, Griffin Beaufoy, John Wilson, of Badsey. 1702 - 1703
1 & 2 Anne
E 134/27Geo2/Hil2 The Right Honble Samuel Lord Sandys, Baron of Ombersley (Worcester), and Edwd. Wilson, gent. v. Robert Mason, yeoman: Tithes of the parish of Badsey, leased to the plaintiff Sandys by the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Oxford, and the defendant's lands in said parish held under Samuel Wilson and Mr. 1753
27 Geo 2
E 147/1/5 Philip Hobbye ; Worcs: land and rent in Norton and Lenchwick; rent in Badsey, Aldington, Wikewanfford, North and Middle Littleton, South Littleton, Bretforton and Hampton; rent and tithes in Bengeworth; rent of fishery in Evesham; rent for swans in the Blackenhurst hundred; tithes in Church Honeybourne ; Glos: rent in Willersey; messuage, land and quarry in Hayfford ; Warw: rent in Abbots Salford; 1546 - 1552
[37 Hen VIII-5 Edw VI]
E 156/28/88 Letters patent granting to the Abbot and Convent of Evesham at the Abbot's request a continuation of letters patent of 26 June 1316 that the Prior and Convent in voidances shall have the custody of the following manors and lands which they acquired of the following persons by licence of Edward II and the present King: lands in Tatlinton, Neubold, Edmundescote, Tredington and Darlingscott, Worcs, of Hawise, late the wife of Walter de Gloucester, lands in Evesham, Badsey, North Littleton and Bretforton, Worcs, of Nicholas de Baddeseye, chaplain, lands in Kynewarton, Warwicks, of Walter de Bello Campo, and the manor of Weethley and lands in Kingley, Warwicks, of Malcolm Musard, worth 20 14s 3d pa as was found by inquisition made by the Escheator for the South of the Trent, saving to the King knights' fees held thereof and advowsons of churches, rendering therefore beyond the sum rendered for the keeping of the other temporalities 20 14s 3d in each voidance for one year, and proportionat 1332 Mar 29
E 210/10434 Philip Kighley of Broadway, genleman to Thomas Edgeok of Broadway, gentleman: Demise, indented, fo3 3 years, of the manors of Badsey and Abbots Morton, a messuage called "Seneis", the advowson of the parsonage of the church of Abbots Morton, houses, lands, etc. 1600
42 Eliz.

Records created or inherited by the War Office,
Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies

WO 97/212/18 WILLIAM TANDY Born BADSEY, Worcestershire Served in 3rd Foot Guards Discharged aged 18 1843-1844
WO 97/1055/32 JAMES HOLLAND Born BADSEY, Worcestershire Served in 98th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 39 1824-1836

Records created or inherited by the Agriculture,
Fisheries and Food Departments, and of related bodies

MAF 14/35 Badsey, Worcestershire. Interested Parties: Revd. T. H. Hunt; Dean and Chapter of Christ Church OxfordIncludes Middle Littleton, Worcestershire 1865 Nov. 23
MAF 32/53/30 Parish No. 30 Parish: Badsey (National Farm Survey) 1941-1943

Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
(Wills etc.)

PROB 3/25/3 Smith, Joseph, Badsey, co. Worcs. 1726 January 7
PROB 3/26/95 Bonner, William, Aldington, p. of Badsey, co. Worcs. 1727 June 15
PROB 4/4115 Cooper, Thomas, of Badsey, Worcs. 1680 20 July

Records of the Board of Trade
and of successor and related bodies
(Central Register of Seamen)

BT 372/348/97 R231776 LAMB K H 11/05/1912 BADSEY WORCS 1912
BT 372/507/27 R267418 BALLAD W F 10/01/1924 BADSEY 1913-1972
BT 372/1138/26 R417618 SEARS P D 24/10/1919 BADSEY 1913 - 1972
BT 372/2550/56 R793674 TULLETT M O 02/11/1943 BADSEY 1913 - 1972

Records created, acquired, and inherited by Chancery,
and also of the Wardrobe, Royal Household,
Exchequer and various commissions

C 143/113/12 The abbot and convent of Evesham to retain rent in Badsey, Bretforton, and Littleton acquired from John de Whytechirch. Worc. 1316
C 143/190/19 Nicholas de Baddeseye, chaplain, to grant messuages, mill, land, and rent in Evesham, Badsey, North Littleton, and Bretforton to the abbot and convent of Evesham, retaining land in Badsey. Worc. 1327
C 1/339/57 Margery Middelmore, widow. v. Nicholas Broun, of Badsey.: Execution of the will of Dame Jane Mytton, widow, whose executors complainant and Katherine, defendant's wife, claimed to be, but John Middelmore, suing a certiorari against them, was decreed soleexecutor.  
C 3/274/17 Huggins v. Badsey: Leicester. A.D. 1596-1616

Records created or inherited by the Transport Departments
and of related bodies

MT 6/1209/2 Great Western Railway: Littleton and Badsey 1903
MT 6/1992/10 Great Western Railway: Littleton & Badsey 1910-1911
MT 114/2774 Worcester District: Road and Rail Traffic Act 1933 Section 42 Direction; exemption from Rule 99; applicable to Ascott-under-Wychwood, Bruern, Chipping Camden, Littleton and Badsey, Hartlebury Station and Blockley Station 1957 Jan 01-1957 Dec 31
MT 114/3141 Littleton and Badsey, Hereford and Worcester, between Moreton and Evesham: site meeting; British Transport Commission Act 1957 Section 66; installation of manned barriers controlled by closed circuit television from Evesham signal box 1973 Jan 01-1982 Dec 31

Records created or inherited by the
Department of Education and Science, and of related bodies

ED 70/2597 Badsey 1927-1929
ED 2/469 Badsey, Aldington Wickhamford 1871-1899
ED 21/18670 Badsey Council School 1893-1915
ED 21/42497 Badsey Council School 1921-1934
ED 21/63484 Badsey Council School 1937-1938
ED 49/8321 Badsey and Wickhamford: Old National School 1929-1932
ED 49/8491 Badsey: Elizabeth SEWARD'S Educational Foundation 1882-1906

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