Alphabet sampler by Mary Byrd of Aldington

This sampler was advertised for sale by Madelena Antiques in 2000. Here is their description of it.

'Colourful alphabet sampler by Mary Byrd. 1881, Victorian. 8ins by 8.5ins, mounted in a simple ebonised wooden frame, loose mounted onto a cardboard backing. Easily removed if required. Alphabets A-Z in uppercase, numbers 1-12 and a-z in lowercase. Signed and dated 'Mary Byrd Aged 12 A.D. 1881. ALDINGTON.' Aldington is a small village in Worcestershire, on a tributary of the river Avon. Simple line border, with zig-zag divider lines. Stitched in wool, red, magenta, greens, blues, orange, white, purple, brown, pinks, yellow and black.'

To find out more about Mary Byrd and her family see the name index.

Updated 15 June 2001