Documents relating to Badsey and Aldington at the
Records Office of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office holds many thousands of archival records relating to Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area. These notes are about their records relating to Badsey and Aldington. [Our own notes on these records appear in brackets like this.]


1959: WR14/22.

1914-19: DR 227/187/85. 'The Bell' public house.

31 October 1582: ER3/583
Conveyance by Thomas Throckmorton of Coughton, esq., to Richard Pigeon of Badsey. co. Worcs., yeoman, and his heirs and for want of such to the heirs of John Pigeon, father of the said Richard, for the sum of 60, of all those pasture lands lately inclosed in Porteway furlong, Middle furlong and Trent furlong lying in the fields of the hamlets of Badsey and Aldington and now in the occupation of the said Richard Pigeon. Warranty against Margaret wife of the said Thomas Throckmorton.
Appoints William Watson and Evan Martin attorneys to deliver possession.
Witnesses: George Ainesley, John Wise, Thomas Allen.
Delivery of possession given by William Watson and Evan Marten 13 May 26 Elizabeth [1584] in presence of Richard Smith, William George, Thomas Pygyn, Junior, Richard Robartes, Thomas Perse, Barnabas Robarts.

15 October 1793: ER3/2752
Lease from Edward Savage of Cropthorn, co.Worcs., Yeoman, to William Ballard of Badsey, yeoman, of a messuage, barn, stable yards, garden and orchard and several closes, selions and ridges of arable meadow and pasture in the common fields of Badsey containing forty-three acres and thirty perches, all which premises were theretofore purchased by Edward Savage of Mary Fisher and Jane Frances Swett and then in the occupation of William Ballard, for a term of 12 years at a yearly rent of 30.
itnesses: Thomas Blayney and Gilbert Grosvenor.

Bloom Collection

Church fabric, notes, illus. DR 41/13.. ff.l,10
Monumental inscriptions DR 41/13, ff.2-10
Hoby family of Aldington & Badsey, pedigrees, notes DR 41/13, ff.11-13
Jarrett, family of Aldington, pedigree DR 41/13, f.14
Seward, family of Badsey, pedigree DR 41/13, f.14
[J Harry Bloom wrote these notes about his visits to Badsey and other Vale churches in 1899. The notes on the families lack much detail and the absence of dates makes them difficult to interpret.]


1615-16: DR4/78-80. Non payment of tithes for Aldington Farm.

DR406/156. Penelope Washington (died 1697) inscription in Badsey church.
[This is probably incorrectly catalogued and relates to Wickhamford Church not Badsey. Two pages of typed transcript in Latin.]

c.1770: ER14/9/2. Estates and yearly rents of late James West in Badsey and elsewhere.

Sales Particulars

2 July 1866: ER6/201/1. 71 acres in Aldington. Joseph Woodward vendor.

1867: DR325/2886. Property in Evesham, Bengeworth and Badsey.
[A large and attractive poster for an auction on 20 May 1867. The only Badsey lot is lot 10 "Two brick built cottages with large gardens and outbuildings ... in Badsey ... in the several occupations of Richard Jelfs and Charles Alchurch". These are probably 7 and 9 Orchard Way.]

1906: DR165/1195. Two houses and land in Offenham & Aldington.
[Lot 1: two recently erected houses near the cross roads in Offenham. Lot 2: Land called Rock's Ground having a 50 foot frontage to the Evesham to Littleton main road. Lot 3: Meadow land on the east side of the Evesham to Littleton main road.]


1807: ER23/63/1. Aldington enclosures.
[Sadly this has been lost. We guess it is the same map at the Worcestershire Record Office.]

Deeds and Sale Bills

1824-66: DR165/440. Sale of Badsey Silk Mill.

15 Aug 1831: DR165/1135. Two farmhouses and land in Badsey.

25 Jul 1864: DR165/1136. Claybrook farm and other land in Badsey.

23 Jul 1866: DR165/1137. Badsey Manor House and lands.

DR165/565. Papers relating to land in Badsey and Littleton, co. Worcs., belonging to Christchurch, Oxford, and leased to William Stubbs. Includes:

[The papers appear to come from the family who leased fields from Christ Churcrch College, Oxford and rented out allotments. The records include many names of people who worked this land in Bowers Hill, Abrahams Well and elsewhere. Includes interesting detail.]


17 & 18 October 1832, DR574/387, Abstract of a conveyance from Edward Appelbee of Badsey, co. Worcs., farmer, to Samuel Nichols of Bearley, yeoman, of a house and cottage in Bearley.

26 November 1724 , ER3/608, Indenture between John Barber the younger, son and heir apparent of John Barber of Shottery near Stratford-upon-Avon, yeoman and Martha his wife, late Martha Grove, sister of Francis Grove of Badsey in co. Worcs., gent., of the one part, the said Francis Grove and John Grove of Bishampton in co. Worcs., clerk, another brother of her the said Martha, and Peter Penny of Bengworth in the borough of Evesham, co. Worcs., gent., of the other part.

6 February 1783 , ER3/2630, Assignment from Joseph Sympson of Badsey, co. Worcs., yeoman, to Thomas Hiron the younger of Alveston, gent., of a bond for 207.10s.0d, dated 22 May 1781, made by Thomas Hiron the elder, gent., deceased (father of Thomas Hiron the younger) in the penal sum of 400, to William Sympson (brother of the said Joseph Sympson).

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