The Badseys of Badsey:
Badsey as a surname

For at least 150 years (and probably for far longer), there were people with the surname Badsey living in Badsey. From the time that parish registers began to be kept in 1538, until nearly the end of the 17th century, a number of people by the name of Badsey featured. This family tree shows the relationships.

The last recorded mention of the surname Badsey in Badsey was 1682, with the death of Amey Badsey, a widow. The Badseys may not have moved far, however, for the IGI reveals that there were Badseys living in villages such as Cleeve Prior and Broadway.

If any of the Badsey clan alive today is able to provide family history information working back from the present-day through the generations, we may well, in due course, be able to establish a link.

Maureen Spinks

Earlier Badseys

The Public Record Office hold a document dated about 1327 which appears to include a much earlier reference to Badsey as a surname. "Nicholas de Baddeseye, chaplain, to grant messuages, mill, land, and rent in Evesham, Badsey, North Littleton, and Bretforton to the abbot and convent of Evesham, retaining land in Badsey. Worc."

Richard Cudd, a fomer Badsey resident, has taken us even further back. He writes: "Whilst trawling through the Internet looking for references to my surname in old Lay Subsidy records, I came across the Worcestershire Lay Subsidy Roll of ca. 1280 on the website. Listed in 'Villata de Evesham' is one 'Willielmo de Baddeseye' paying 18d and in 'Homburne' (Honeybourne) is listed 'Thoma de Badesheye'. These look to be even earlier references to Badsey as a surname than the Public Record Office reference to 'Nicholas de Baddeseye' in 1327. Strangely, there is no mention of Badsey itself in the Subsidy records; Aldington, Bretforton and most other surrounding villages are mentioned with their lists of subsidy payers."

For comparison purposes, the Badsey family tree is available in three formats: (1) Family Origins 7.0 from Parsons Technology, (2) Generations Family Tree 8.0 from Sierra On-Line (Easy Tree), and (3) Generation Frame, an experimental format devised for the Badsey website by Will Dallimore. Comparing (1) and (2), the layout of the Generations webpages is arguably clearer and more attractive than those created with Family Origins, although Generations does use about five times as many files. One weakness of Generations is that the index does not show a person's date of birth which makes it difficult to search for a common name. When searching the Generations pages there is no indication whether children have a spouse or any descendants, but this is easy to see with Family Origins. The webpages created by Generations are strong on graphic design but Family Origins probably wins on user friendliness. Our own experimental format Generation Frame (3) offers a clear graphical presentation of the relationships on a single page. At the moment it has to be hand-generated and there are problems in printing it, but there is little doubt it wins on clarity and presentation. P.S. Here is a version from Family Origins 9.0.

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