Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s

These records were sent to us by Richard Cudd who writes: I recently picked up a book called Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s which lists lay subsidies from this period including Badsey and Aldington. Heads of households with goods or wages above a certain threshold are listed and so it is a useful guide to some family names 13 years before the parish registers start. The spellings of the names are as given in the book but most of the modern equivalents can be recognised.

Taken from Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s, Worcestershire Historical Society New Series Vol. 19, 2003.

Lay Subsidies
Blackenhurst Hundred: Assessment 1525


Name, Value, Subsidy
Thomas Plat(o)n, G £5, 2s. 6d.
Rychard Squyer, G £10, 5s.
Rychard Loue, G 26s. 8d., 4d.
Rychard Byrge, G 40s., 12d.

Adhuc Badsey

John Pegyn že yongger, G £4, 2s.
Robert Smyth, G £15, 7s. 6d.
John Pegyn že elder, G £7, 3s. 6d.
Robert Gorge, G £3, 18d.
Wyllya(m) Gorge, G £4, 2s.
John Pole, G 40s., 12d.
Thomas Wellys, G 40s., 12d.
John Smyth, G £20, 20s.
Robert Badsey, G £13, 6s. 6d.
Thomas Wyllys, G 20s., 4d.
Wyllya(m) Yevons, G 20s., 4d.
Robert Pegyn, G 40s., 12d.
Robert Badsey, G 40s., 12d.
Rychard M(ar)cholde, W 20s., 4d.
Robert Perrett, W 20s., 4d.
Thomas Lyghtfylde, W 20s., 4d.
Wyllya(m) Haryngton, G 40s., 12d.

Awnt(o)n (Aldington)

Name, Value, Subsidy
John Pegyn, G £18, 9s.
Rychard Yerdeley, G £7, 3s. 6d.
John Pantt(er), G 40s., 12d.
Thomas Mydylton, G £6, 3s.
John Broke, G £6, 3s.
Rychard Hobson, W 20s., 4d.

G = goods, W = wages
The lay subsidy only lists persons liable to tax, i.e. heads of households who had lands of at least 20s., goods of at least 40s. or wages of at least 20s. Also included were live-in servants who were paid wages of at least 20s.
Also noted under Bengeworth, there is a Thomas Badsey with goods of 40s. and a subsidy to pay of 12d.

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