Schumachs, 18 High Street, Badsey

This house had the name 'Schumachs' because the garden once had schumach trees. Inside there is a passage paved with old cobble stones and a fireplace said to be built with stones from Evesham Abbey. The date '1857' which appears below the left chimney stack is misleading - the house is much older. The house was thatched until about 1880 when a steeper roof was added. During WW2 petrol pumps were put at the front of the house for use by the army.

Schumachs was the home of John Ernest Cull (1860-1929) who ran the old Badsey bakery in buildings at the rear. John was a flamboyant character who was strong-willed and good-looking. He was born in Bengeworth but the family may have originally come from Ireland. One day he walked into the Wheatsheaf and deliberately knocked over a table. He pretended it was an accident and, to show his generosity, bought drinks all round. John's wife Ruth was a teacher (possibly head teacher) at the old school which is now the British Legion. She came from a prosperous West Bromwich family called Silvester. (With thanks to Celia and Shirley whose mother was a Cull.) The bakery had unusual working hours: bread was baked in the middle of the day, with deliveries the same evening.

This is a collection of photographs of buildings in and around Badsey. The pictures were taken in 2000 and 2001 by Richard Phillips and Elizabeth Noyes.

Updated 1 February 2002.