Seward House, Badsey

In 1877 the brewer Julius Sladden bought Seward House in Badsey and quickly established himself as a leading personality throughout the Vale. The house remained in the Sladden family until quite recently when it was sold and became a nursing home. This closed in 2001 and a property developer has converted the house into several homes.

See also Buckley Bent's very early colour photograph of Seward House, Sladden's Barn, an aerial photograph of Seward House, William Seward (1702-1740) Methodist Martyr, Seward House garden and a group photograph of the Sladden family.

This is a collection of photographs of buildings in and around Badsey. The pictures were taken in 2000 and 2001 by Richard Phillips and Elizabeth Noyes.

Updated 2 December 2003.