'The Old Lane, Badsey'

Today this is Old Post Office Lane. Oakleigh House is on the left of the picture, next to Oakleigh Cottage. The old picture shows trees and railings that are now lost. As well as new street signs and markings, Oakleigh House has a new front doorway. An 1812 map of the village shows that the lane was one of the main routes out of the village but today it is a cul de sac. The 'Old Post Office' is a reference to the nineteenth century Post Office that was in Blenheim Cottage at the far end of the lane.

Track Changes uses pairs of photographs to show how Badsey has altered over a period of about 75 years. The old pictures are from postcards sold at Badsey Post Office in the 1920s and reproduced with the kind permission of Pat Goldstraw. The new photographs were taken in 2001.

Updated 4 October 2001.