Aerial photographs of Badsey & Aldington

These photographs were taken by Richard Phillips for the Badsey Society with the support of Bidford Gliding. All the pictures were taken on 9 August 2006 between 17.55 and 18.30 BST. They are arranged in the order they were taken.

For satellite imagery of Badsey and Aldington try Google Maps UK: just type in 'Badsey' and click on 'Satellite'.

Allsebrook Gardens, Badsey: a7092 a7230
Badsey Fields Lane, Badsey: a6997 a7067 a7070
Badsey Lane, Badsey: a7230
Badsey Road (B4035), Aldington: a7214
Banks Road, Badsey: a7172 a7199
Binyon Close, Badsey: a7019 a7112
Birmingham Road (B4085), Badsey: a6929 a7172 a7199
Birmingham Road (B4085), Blackminster: a6929 a7172 a7199
Bowers Hill, Badsey: a7100
Bretforton Road (B4035), Badsey: a6989 a6996 a7078 a7194 a7199 a7205
Brewers Lane, Badsey: a7075 a7076
Chapel Lane, Aldington: a7154
Chapel Street, Badsey: a7070
Chesnut Close, Aldington: a6972 a7150
Church End, Badsey: a7122
The Drift, Badsey: a7083
Evesham Bypass (A46), Aldington: a6939 a6957
Fields Close, Badsey: a7112
Green Leys, Badsey: a7074 a7081 a7083
High Street, Badsey: a6980 a7115 a7127 a7230
Hillside, Aldington: a6960
Hither Green, Badsey: a6989
The Hop Gardens, Aldington: a7154
Horsebridge Avenue, Badsey: a6978 a7042
The Knapp, Badsey: a7227
The Lankets, Badsey: a7072 a7127
Main Street, Aldington: a6960 a6972 a7150 a7152
Manor Close, Badsey: a7035 a7037
Manor Gardens, Aldington: a7152 a7158
Manorside, Badsey: a7037 a7083
Mill Lane, Aldington: a7152 a7155
Mill Lane, Badsey: a7092 a7230
Oak Close, Badsey: a7172
Offenham Road (B4510), Aldington: a6939 a6950 a6957
Old Post Office Lane, Badsey: a7072 a7074 a7081 a7127
Packs Close, Badsey: a6978 a7042
The Parks, Aldington: a6942 a6947 a6950
The Poplars, Badsey: a7224 a7225
Sands Lane, Badsey: a7019 a7069 a7112
School Lane, Badsey: a7115
Seward Close, Badsey: a7225
Seward Road, Badsey: a6980 a7035 a7037 a7225
Siding Road, Aldington: a6939
St James Close, Badsey: a7072 a7126
Station Road, Blackminster: a6927 a6935
Synehurst, Badsey: a6980 a7078 a7214
Synehurst Avenue, Badsey: a7214
Synehurst Crescent, Badsey: a7214
Village Street, Aldington: a7152 a7158
Willersey Road, Badsey: a7010 a7015 a7019 a7101

Photo: Lizzie Noyes

Updated 27 February 2007.