On the street where you live:
places in Badsey and Aldington

Wherever you live in Badsey or Aldington, whether it is a road with many old houses or a modern housing development, you will be able to find out information about who owned the land at the beginning of the 19th century and, where known, how the ownership has changed over the past 200 years. Here is an overview of Badsey and Aldington’s development, but to find out more about a specific road or house, follow the notes below. This resource was compiled as part of the Badsey Society Enclosure Map Project.

Roads in Badsey

Allsebrook Gardens
Badsey Fields Lane
Badsey Lane
Banks Road
Binyon Close
Birmingham Road (B4085)
Bowers Hill

Bretforton Road (B4035)
Brewers Lane
Chapel Street
Church End
Fields Close
Green Leys
High Street
   (including Cedar Court,
   Orchard Way, Poplar Court)
Hither Green
Horsebridge Avenue
Manor Close
Mill Lane
Oak Close
Old Post Office Lane
Packs Close
Sands Lane
School Lane
Seward Close
Seward Road
St James Close
Synehurst Avenue
Synehurst Crescent
The Drift
The Knapp
The Lankets
The Poplars
Willersey Road

Badsey GIS site

Here is a direct link to the Badsey GIS site designed by the Worcestershire County Council Archaeology Service. There are also links to it from each page for individual roads and paths.

Roads in Aldington

Badsey Road (B4035)
Chapel Lane
Chestnut Close
Evesham Bypass (A46)
Main Street
 (including Pitwell Lane)
Manor Gardens
Mill Lane
Offenham Road (B4510)
Siding Road
 (Sidings Lane)
The Hop Gardens
The Parks
Village Street

Roads in Blackminster

Birmingham Road (B4085)
Station Road

Paths and tracks

Badsey Road to Badsey Undergrounds
Badsey Road to Jarretts Piece
Bengeworth to Faulk Mill in Offenham
Birmingham Road to Station Road
Bretforton Road to Aldington
Bretforton Road to Birmingham Road
   (including Packs Lane)
Chapel Lane to Birmingham Road
Chapel Lane to Offenham  
High Street (Monks Path) to Evesham
Hither Green to Brewers Lane
 (The Green)
Main Street to Badsey Road
Middle Road and Top Road, Aldington
Offenham Road to Faulk Mill in Offenham
Sands Lane to Willersey Road
Willersey Road to Bretforton
Willersey Road (Bowers Hill) to Wickhamford


See photographs of bridges.

Finding information about an address

  • Click on the road in which you are interested. This takes you to general information about the road. The house numbers/names in the road are then divided up according to who owned the land in either 1815 (Badsey) or 1808 (Aldington), the dates when the Enclosure Award Commissioners made their awards (occasionally, the modern-day house sits on land owned by more than one person 200 years ago). The size of the land is given in acres, roods and perches (40 perches = 1 rood; 4 roods = 1 acre), eg 2a 0r 16p. As a rough indication, a football pitch is about 2 acres in size.
  • Where there is more information about a specific house, this will be indicated by a link (coloured and underlined). Click on the house name/number in which you are interested. This usually takes you to a PDF file with information about the house. Please note that these individual house histories have been prepared with the consent of the current owner.
  • To see what the area looked like at the time the Enclosure Maps were drawn in 1812 (Badsey) and 1807 (Aldington), click on the link which will take you to the Worcestershire County Council website showing a digitised version of the maps. Use these notes of guidance below to help you navigate round the screen.
  • Here is a modern street map showing most of the locations. If you are looking for a building but do not know the road, try using the index of place names. Here is an historical list of landowners in Badsey and Aldington

Specific Notes

How this information has been obtained

Information has been obtained from four main sources:

Maureen Spinks

May 2006

The transcription of the Award Schedules and these notes have been compiled by Maureen Spinks with the assistance of the following people:

We are grateful to our partners in the Worcestershire County Council Archaeology Service for developing the Badsey GIS site. This is part of their Tithe and Inclosure Maps project.

Badsey is a large working village in Worcestershire, England. Aldington is a smaller village in the same parish. The Badsey Society exists to promote the understanding and study of the villages and the surrounding area. The Enclosure Map Project traces the development of the villages since the publication of enclosure maps in 1807 and 1812. The Society is grateful for a grant received from the Local Heritage Initiative. Updated 17 September 2013. Email History@badsey.net.