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Track: Bowers Hill to Wickhamford

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enclosure map


Photos taken 2006.


Grid Reference: 082417 to 073418

Please note this track is not a public right of way.

Before the Enclosure Act of 1812, this existed as a public footpath over common land, and was presumably the shortest route from Willersey to Wickhamford: "One public Foot Path of the breadth of four feet No 6 on the said plan, commencing at the Parish of Wickhamford and extending in an Eastwardly direction over the fourth Allotment to the said Reverend Charles Phillott until it communicates with the Willersey Road." On the current Ordnance Survey map it is not marked as a right of way, but a path still exists within Badsey. The Wickhamford part, as indicated on the Enclosure Map, no longer seems to exist. An occupation road (not a public right of way) goes in a south-south-easterly direction from a bend in the Willersey Road along the boundary with Wickhamford until it meets up with the original footpath. Today there is a bridlepath to Wickhamford, forming a crossroads with the occupation road and Willersey Road; this crossroads is adjacent to a field known as Francesí Grave.

A Farming Survey map of 1944 shows the tenants for this area of land which was held under the Evesham Custom.

The following paragraph gives an historical description of ownership of the land over which the path passes.

North and South Sides (Badsey Map W058)

In 1815, when the Badsey Enclosure Commissioners made their awards, the Reverend Charles Phillott was made the following allotment as his fourth allotment: "Unto the Reverend Charles Phillott Clerk and his successors Curates of Badsey aforesaid for and in lieu of certain portions of Tythes both Great and Small arising renewing and increasing within the said Parish of Badsey, All those Allotments or parcels of Lands next herein after mentioned, that is to say, Ö Also all that other Allotment or parcel of Land situate in Meerden Field containing sixty-seven acres and thirty-seven perches, bounded on the East by Allotments herein after awarded to William Smith and James Harris, the Willersey Road and the first Allotment herein before awarded to the said Dean and Chapter and their Lessee the Marchioness of Downshire, on the South by the last mentioned Allotment and the Parish of Wickhamford, on the West by the said Parish of Wickhamford and the fourth Allotment herein after awarded to the said Thomas Williams, and on the North by the said Willersey Road, the said Allotments to the said William Smith, James Harris, the said Thomas Williams and William Wilson, which said Allotment so awarded to the said Thomas Williams and William Wilson are afterwards awarded in Exchange to the said Charles Phillott." The land is still owned by Christ Church to this day and is let to a tenant farmer; it is known as The Parsonís Living.

Where they are available, links are provided to historical information about places and buildings. This index of roads and paths in Badsey and Aldington was compiled as part of the Badsey Society Enclosure Map Project. The house numbers and names are correct as at May 2006. Every care has been taken to provide accurate information, but if you are aware of any error, please contact us. If you wish to provide a history or memories of an individual house on this road, please email History@badsey.net.

Badsey is a large working village in Worcestershire, England. Aldington is a smaller village in the same parish. The Badsey Society exists to promote the understanding and study of the villages and the surrounding area. The Enclosure Map Project traces the development of the villages since the publication of enclosure maps in 1807 and 1812. The Society is grateful for a grant received from the Local Heritage Initiative.
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