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Photos taken 2006. Aerial photos: a7224 a7225


The Poplars was built in 1966 as a private housing development. It comprises five pairs of semi-detached bungalows and one detached bungalow (numbers 1-12 but no number 11). Here are details about the planning application for The Poplars (link to be added).

The road is named after the house of the same name, a substantial Georgian building which, together with its old barn, was demolished in 1966 in order to make the access road to the new Seward Road development.

The house called 'The Poplars'

Poplar's Garage, High Street, Badsey

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North side 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (Badsey Map G023)

South side 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (Badsey Map G023 and G022)

The bungalows are all sited on a plot of land which, in 1812, at the time of the Badsey Enclosure Act, was an old enclosure which belonged to Thomas Byrd. It was part of the garden of his house (The Poplars, demolished in the 1960s) and homestead and amounted to 1a 3r 12p. For the bungalows built on the south side of the road, the southern part and back gardens are situated on land which was the Bakehouse Orchard, also belonging to Thomas Byrd, and amounted to 0a 0r 27p. The house and land were bought by Horace Wheatley in the early 20th century and remained in the Wheatley family until the 1960s when it was sold for development.

See article Cider Mill & The Alley.

Where they are available, links are provided to historical information about places and buildings. This index of roads and paths in Badsey and Aldington was compiled as part of the Badsey Society Enclosure Map Project. The house numbers and names are correct as at May 2006. Every care has been taken to provide accurate information, but if you are aware of any error, please contact us. If you wish to provide a history or memories of an individual house on this road, please email History@badsey.net.

Badsey is a large working village in Worcestershire, England. Aldington is a smaller village in the same parish. The Badsey Society exists to promote the understanding and study of the villages and the surrounding area. The Enclosure Map Project traces the development of the villages since the publication of enclosure maps in 1807 and 1812. The Society is grateful for a grant received from the Local Heritage Initiative.
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