Wickhamford Manor House:
owners & occupiers

This page links to information about Wickhamford Manor House and, in particular, some of the people who owned it and lived there.

Wickhamford Manor about 1912.
For more pictures see Wickhamford Manor House & the Lees-Milne family.
Spooner family
From 1529
The Spooner family were tenants of Wickhamford Manor from 1529, when the first William Spooner came from Twyford to lease the Manor from Evesham Abbey for 51 years.

Sandys family
From 1594

In 1594 one of the Sandys family acquired property in Wickhamford, including the Manor House and its estates. See The Sandys Family at Wickhamford.

Field Whorwood
From 1637

The following information is accredited by E.A.B. Barnard to Sir Thomas Phillipps of Middle Hill, Broadway. Barnard says Phillipps was always very exact, but that the documents 'are no longer available' (writing in 1935).

The Manor of Wickhamford was leased to Field Whorwood by Samuel Sandys, his wife Mary and mother Penelope, on 15th February 1637, for 40 years. Whorwood was from Nethercote, Oxfordshire.He was born about 1592, one of 14 children of William Whorwood of Sandwell and his wife Ann nee Field. (Jane Austen is one of their distant descendants.) He was a citizen of London where he is recorded as an ironmonger and was an Alderman, elected on 12th July 1653, to represent Farringdon Without. He died in July 1658 and is buried in West Bromwich. His Will was proved in Wootton. His niece, Jane Whorwood, was a Royalist supporter in the Civil War and there is a book about her entitled The King's Smuggler.

Pettus, Rushout & Bromley
From 1657

The Victoria History tells us Sir John Pettus, of Cheston Hall, Suffolk, was Deputy Governor of Royal mines and author of various books on metals. His daughter, Elizabeth, married Samuel Sandys, son of Samuel and Mary Sandys. "Thus, in 1657 it (the Manor) was conveyed ... to Sir John Pettus... ." Here is a portrait of Sir John Pettus.
The Victoria History goes on to say that in 1694, Samuel and Elizabeth Sandys, and Edwin Sandys, their son, conveyed the Manor to Sir James Rushout and William Bromley, Edwin having married Sir James's daughter, Alice. Sir James Rushout (1644-1698) was MP for Evesham and one time Ambassador to Constantinople. He was buried at Blockley: here is a photo of his monument in Blockley Church with his bust on the right of the picture.

As the Manor stayed in Sandys family hands for many generations after this date, these must have been a temporary arrangements.

Holland family
Late 1700s

In the second half of the eighteenth century, Wickhamford Manor was occupied by a branch of the Holland family of Cropthorne. At that time the Manor was usually referred to as Manor Farm.
Frederick Sutherland Smith & family
About 1871
At the time of the 1871 census, Wickhamford Manor was occupied by Fred S. Smith and his family. He was a 34-year-old 'Factor & Agent in Cloth Trade', who had been born in Aston Manor, Warwickshire.
Phillipps family
For a short time between the 1871 and 1881 censuses Wickhamford Manor was rented to farmer John Phillipps and his family. See Phillipps family.

Pope family

In the late 19th century, Wickhamford Manor was owned by the Trustees of the late John Pickup Lord and rented out to tenant farmers, including the Pope family.
Idiens family
Around 1901

John and Alice Idiens lived at Wickhamford Manor for a short period around 1901. He had an interesting life in the area and eventually emigrated to British Columbia, Canada. See Idiens family who lived at the Manor around 1900.

Lees-Milne family
Early 20C
James Lees-Milne (1908 - 1997) was a writer with a special interest in historic houses. From 1936 to 1950 he worked for the National Trust and played a key role in the first large-scale transfer of country houses from private ownership to the National Trust. See Wickhamford Manor House & the Lees-Milne family.

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