Maps of Wickhamford

Ordnance Survey drawings about 1812

These 'drawings' are the earliest known detailed map of Wickhamford and the surrounding area.

Plans of Pitchers Hill Farm about 1812

Plans of Pitchers Hill Farm (Wickham Farm) and a proposed new cow shed. The plan is from 1812, but the layout is similar to today. The proposed cow shed plans are of similar date and the sketch matches part of the farmyard plan. From the Worcestershire Record Office. Here are some photos that show how the farm looks today.

Mr Yeate's farm about 1815

This map of Mr Yeate's farm is undated but it was with other documents from the 1810-1820 era at the Worcestershire Record Office. It shows the fields attached to Pitchers Hill Farm (Wickham Farm) in yellow.

Wickhamford Mill 1815

This 1815 map from the Worcestershire Record Office shows the extent of the lands associated with Wickhamford Mill at that time.

Wickhamford tithe map about 1843

The 1843 tithe map is a large scale map of the parish.

A digitised version of this map is on the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service website. Click on the 'Tithes' button at the top left of the page. Then to find Wickhamford you can use the 'Find Tithes' search box on the bottom left. This brings up Wickhamford results at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on one of the entries will zoom into that parcel of land, you can then zoom out to the whole Parish. (With thanks to Oliver Russell.)

Click on the sections to enlarge them. Note Wickhamford Church is marked by a sketch of the building.

Another source is the 1913 Board of Agriculture & Fisheries map which appears to have been traced from the 19th century tithe map - see below.

1869 Estate Plan

The WRO describes this map as an estate plan although the lot numbers suggest it is an auction map. (WRO 4370; F970.5:582). Here is an article which describes the 1869 estate sale.

1883 OS 25 inch map

A detail showing the area around Wickhamford Manor (WRO 4370; F970.5:582). The whole map is a large file showing the area east of Wickhamford as far as Bowers Hill.

1883/1900/1903 OS 6 inch map

A map showing an area around Wickhamford Here is the area to the north of this which includes Badsey. Copies of the maps were kindly given to the Badsey Society by Alan Eames.

1910 - 1915 land valuation maps

Maps from the land valuation survey are superimposed on a large scale OS map from about 1900.

1913 Board of Agriculture and Fisheries map

This map shows the whole of Wickhamford parish with many field names. There is a colour copy of this in the Badsey Society archive.

Here is an annotated version of the same map produced by Tom Locke. Using the 1869 auction document he has added the missing field names. This now give a complete set of field names for the village in the second half of the 19th century.

1923 large scale OS map

A map showing the east side of Wickhamford village and the country eastwards across to Bowers Hill at 1:2500 scale. Here is the west side of the map and the east side.

1927 electricity supply map

This is a plan for installing poles for an electricity supply line between Hampton and Wickhamford in 1927. It is a six inch to the mile map showing individual fields. Here is the central portion of the map showing Wickhamford and the whole map as a large 1.62 MB jpeg file.

1930 auction map

A large auction of 'The Wickhamford Estate'.

1953 OS one inch map

This post war map shows the old route of the A44. (With thanks to Martin Waring).

Historical parishes

Here is a map showing the historical parishes that surround Wickhamford.

Listed buildings in Wickhamford

Listed buildings are one of several types of thematic maps on the Evesham Mapped website. The site also has some historical maps.

Modern maps

Open Street Map has a lot of detail:

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Finding an address in Wickhamford

For modern addresses go into OpenStreetMap and search for 'Hodys Place' or '8 Wickham Close' or 'Sunnyside, Wickhamford' or something similar. If you are looking for an historical address, try searching for it on the 1911 census or in our alphabetical place name index.

Maps of Badsey and Aldington

There is a separate list of these.

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