'Hody's Place' cottages

The cottages in this picture once stood on the site now occupied by Hody's Place on Manor Road in Wickhamford.

From left to right the people are:- Charles Halford, Edith Florence Halford (nee Moulbery), Sarah Anne Brotherton (nee Moulbery),George Harcourt Brotherton, Beatrice Emily Pitts (nee Moulbery) and George H Pitts. The child is Beatrice May Brotherton, daughter of Sarah and George. She was born in 1909 and died in 1934 and was the sister of Hilda Haile (nee Brotherton). Based on the estimated age of Beatrice May, about 4 years old, this photo is probably dated around 1913 which is the same year that two of the sisters, Beatrice Emily and Edith Florence, got wed.

Pat Cleveland (nee Haile), grand daughter of Sarah and George Brotherton, kindly lent the picture. John Cleveland comments "Edith Florence, Vera's mum, was known as Flo and Sarah Anne, Pat's Gran, was known as Annie. I believe that the 3 Moulbery sisters were actually born in Middlesex. Their father William Moulbery moved down there from Badsey for work and met his wife who had come to London from Wootton Bassett."

Here is an article about the three Moulbery sisters.

This is an assortment of old photographs from the village of Wickhamford in Worcestershire.

Ian Gibson's painting In 2014 local artist Ian Gibson painted this impression of the cottages as they may have appeared before they were demolished.

Ian Gibson Art

Updated 2 December 2014