Fruit picking

Strawberry picking

Elias Charles Walters

Freddie Mason & Sam Halford

World War One

Three men


Wickhamford church

Thatched vicarage

Robert & Arthur Heritage

Hannah Heritage

James Lees-Milne with his mother
Lees-Milne family

1937 coronation celebration

Charles Halford group

Charles Halford on Pitchers Hill
Wickhamford ladies' trip
Wickhamford Women's Institute
Wedding guests

William & Emma Moore 
Moore and Colley families

Dinah Walters on her 90th birthday

Dinah Walters

VE day parade

Charles & Elsie Daisy Parker

Vera Lawley

Alice Cox

'Hody's Place' cottages

Robert and Elsie Walters

Fruit picking

Cyril Heritage with his wife

Pethard family

Vernon Pethard with bike

20 Pitchers Hill

Edwardian Wedding

Tom Collett teaching woodwork

WVS 1940

War-time wedding

Sandys Arms about 1890

Sandys Arms about 1890 - detail

Weathervane Cottage

Manor Road in the 1940s

Longdon Hill
Hundred of aspargaus

Cox family
Idiens family
Home Guard

Coronation 1953  

Asparagus crop
Choir trip

Rose Halford
George Hancock

Howells from Elm Farm

Pethards feeding poultry
Football team 1952 - 1953

Demolished cottages  

Mothers' Union

Garden Party in 1909

Bluebell coach


Elm Farm

Weathervane Cottage

Harman's nursery

Jesse Newbury & Brewer's bakery

Wickhamford council house

1930s Wickhamford fruit stall
Wickhamford's milkman
1952 flower show

Wickhamford Albion Football Club

Pitchers Hill from the air

Martin family in 1957

Children at Elm Farm in 1945

Church interior about 1908

Three Mason brothers

17C token

Jecholia Ann Smith

Hannah Maria Pope

Roman coin

Spit roast

Ernest William Sturt

Whytebury & Oakenshore

Corner Cottage

Old Vicarage & Weathervane

Cox family in WW2

Manor Road

Coronation 'football team'

1928 wedding 

Reverend Price and family 

South of Pitchers Hill  

Fruit stall 

Leslie Poulter  

Devil's toenails  

Bertha Drysdale 

Syd Carter 

Pig slaughterman

John Idiens & Sons

Wickhamford FC

Transport lorry

Osler family 

Norris Haines 

Christmas Fayre about 1955

Christmas party about 1957

Christmas party about 1956

Coronation celebrations

New Sports Club building

Wedding at Whitfurrows Farm

John and Annie Spragg  

Field Farm  

Wedding of  Stanley Winfield & Clarice Phipps

Maurice Carter

Baby Clinic

Retiring Councillors

Elizabeth Huband

Rose Andrews

Jack Haines
Churchwarden cartouche
Playing Cards

Old photos of Wickhamford is an assortment of old photographs from the village of Wickhamford in Worcestershire. The pictures are in no particular order.
Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version and for more information.
Here is more information about Wickhamford. See also the article about Edwardian Wickhamford.

Wickhamford residents of 1911 - a photographic archive

Following on from the transcription of the 1911 census for Wickhamford, we are trying to obtain photographs of as many of the 259 residents recorded as possible. Such images can be from the time of the census, from an earlier date or later in life and some are already included in the Old Wickhamford picture archive. In due course the photographs will be cross-referenced to the census details. If you have any photographs that could be included please let us know on

Photographs of buildings in and around Badsey

Pairs of photographs show changes over 75 years

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