Pitchers Hill Farm (Wickham Farm)

Some old plans have been discovered in the Worcestershire Record Office of Pitchers Hill Farm (now called Wickham Farm). The plan is from 1812, but the layout is similar to today. The proposed cow shed plans are of similar date and the sketch matches part of the farmyard plan.

In 2014 Tom Locke visited Gerrard Poulter at the farm and took these photographs which illustrate the buildings that remain from the 1812 period.

is the front of the 1812 building of cow stalls. It is still used as the milking parlour.

shows the roof trusses inside the building.

is part of the interior of the adjacent building, shown on the plan as a Waggon House. This must be older than 1812.

is the farm house on the 1812 plan. Now 'Wickham House'.

Later than these 1812 buildings, in the farmyard, is a small building that was originally a stable block. It was built by John Pickup Lord in 1871. The window and brickwork are a delight. The picture above shows the end of the building and below is a close-up of the inscription.

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