Badsey (with Aldington) and Wickhamford
Parochial Magazine




A course of Six Lectures for women only, on "First Aid" will be given in the Parish Room at the Vicarage by Miss Sykes. These Lectures will be in continuation of the course on "Nursing" given by Miss Sykes last year. The first lecture will be given on Tuesday, February 20th, at 6.30 p.m., and the other lectures on the five following Tuesdays at the same hour.


A new departure in the way of rewarding the children in the Schools is made this year. It is proposed to give a tea and entertainment to all the children who have attended at all regularly during the past year, and only to give a very few prizes to the children who have gained the highest marks. The tea for the Infants will be held in the Old School, on Wednesday, February 7, at 4.30 p.m., and for the older children on the following day, Thursday, at 4.30 p.m. After the tea on each evening the Vicar hopes to give a Magic Lantern entertainment. It is very difficult to get funds to carry on the Sunday Schools, and we hardly know where we are going to find the money to pay for these teas. Several of the teachers have very kindly offered to give a donation to the funds. Surely there are many people in the Parish who would be glad to give a small sum towards providing a bright and happy evening for the children. Mrs. Sladden has very kindly undertaken to be Treasurer for the Sunday Schools, and we should be very grateful if some of our readers would give her a donation in money, or would send a gift in kind—such as cake, bread, butter, tea, sugar, etc. It is really very difficult to carry on the Sunday Schools in this Parish, and unless we can get more help for the funds, and more teachers, it will be impossible to keep the School efficient. We have a number of very kind and willing teachers and we are very grateful to them for all the trouble they take, but we want more, especially in the afternoon. Will anyone volunteer as a teacher?



It does not seem to be generally known that the Clothing and Coal Clubs are being continued this year. Payments are received from the Badsey and Wickhamford people at the Vicarage on Mondays at 12 noon. Mrs. and Miss Savory are kindly managing the Clubs at Aldington as before.



Parishioners may be interested to know that at a weekly working party, started by Mrs. and Miss Savory, in Aldington, to make garments for the soldiers in South Africa, over 50 articles were made. Nearly every one in the village gave their help, those who were unable to attend the meetings doing work in their own homes. A sum of £4 was expended; £2 being voted by the Badsey War Committee, and with this latter sum the garments made were :-10 nightshirts for the wounded, 5 flannel day shirts, and 8 pair of socks. The total list is as follows :-13 flannel dayshirts, 10 nightshirts, 9 pair socks, 8 Balaclava caps, 6 cholera belts, 3 pairs flannel drawers, 3 scarves. They have been sent to Mrs. H. Haynes and Mrs. Wilding, and will be forwarded to the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. A small parcel of clothes has been forwarded to Mr. John Roberts in South Africa.



Pouring rain and leaden skies ushered the early morning of August 1st, and for a few hours the outlook for our village fete day was little short of dismal. Matters however improved as the day wore on, although many would be exhibitors were unable to bring their produce on account of the early wet. The local branch of the Cirencester Benefit Society again held their festival in conjunction with the Flower Show, and having marched to the Parish Church, where an appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. C. W. A. Preston, (in the absence of the Vicar), returned to the dinner, admirably served by Host Marshall in a large marquee. This was presided over by the Rev. C. G. Gepp, late vicar of the united parishes, whose presence added zest to the proceedings, and his kindly words were heartily responded to in the heartiness of the welcome accorded by his old parishioners. Dinner over, a general move was made for the Show grounds where, tastefully arranged by the many exhibitors under the energetic management of the officials, the large tent was found to contain an exhibition of decided merit. Flowers, fruit and vegetables were in most cases of excellent quality, and the Judges, who so kindly gave their services, had frequent difficulty in in deciding their awards. Outside the tent a bicycle gymkhana proved an attraction, while the numerous amusements on the field were freely patronised by the younger folks, as well as by their elders. After the presentation of the prizes by the Rev. C. G. Gepp, whose felicitous little speech gave much gratification to his audience, dancing commenced to the enlivening strains of the Evesham Volunteer Band. Later in the evening some capital fireworks gave general satisfaction, although the high wind was too much for the proposed display of Chinese lanterns. Altogether the fete of 1900 with its record number of visitors proved most successful, and thanks are due to the Committee and band of willing workers for their share in promoting it.


A good opportunity has arisen by which a Recreation Ground may be procured in Badsey for the Parish, by the initiative of the Parish Council. Notices have been sent out convening a public meeting on Thursday, September 6th, to consider the practicability of the scheme, and it is much to be hoped that means may be devised to provide such a place in the village. It would be a boon to the present generation and to succeeding ones. Opportunities for healthy recreation are most desirable in every Parish for the moral, intellectual and spiritual well being, of the inhabitants, and should be encouraged in every possible way.



An interesting concert was given in the Old School, Badsey, on October 29th. There was a very large audience, and the proceeds, which amounted to £2 17s. 9d., were used for various needs in connection with the Church and Choir of Badsey such as new surplices, books, etc., etc. The programme included a pianoforte duet by the Vicar and Mrs. Price, a guitar piece by Miss H. Ashwin, Miss Preston, and Miss C. Savory, violoncello solo by Miss P. Lindsay Watson, a vocal duet by Rev. C. W. A. and Miss Preston, readings by Mr. J. Sladden and Captain Wilding, pianoforte solo by Miss May Cull, violin solo by Mr. Edwin Warner, and songs by Miss H. Bell, Miss Preston and the Vicar. Some pieces were also given on a gramophone, kindly lent by Mr. Eccles, of Evesham. The platform was very prettily decorated with some beautiful plants, kindly lent by Mr. C. A. Binyon. We are very much obliged to all those who gave us their help in connection with the concert.



A very enjoyable Concert was given in the Old School, on Monday, November 26th, at 7.30 p.m., and there was a very large audience. This was the second of a series of Concerts, which it is hoped will be arranged during the winter months. The various items were very creditably rendered by the members of the Parish Church Choir assisted by other Parishioners and some of the School Children. The Concert was opened by a Pianoforte Duet by the Misses Sharp, and a Solo on the Piano was played in the second part by Miss M. Cull. Mr. E. Warner played a Violin Solo, and Songs were given by Miss Bell, Mr. T. H. Knight, and Mr. L. Sparrow. Messrs. G. Jones and A. Dore sang a Duet entitled "Larboard Watch," as did also Messrs. J. Agg and E. Ballard the Duet "Army and Navy." The Glees "Once I loved a maiden fair" and "All among the Barley" were rendered by a full choir, and the Song "Grace Darling" was sung by the trebles only. A Hunting Song and a Negro Song were given by the Choir Boys, and the Vicar read a piece about two Frenchmen. Two very popular items on the programme were songs given by the School Children, which evoked very great applause. They had been very carefully trained by Mr. and Miss MacDonald, and reflected the greatest credit upon their teachers. Our best thanks are due to all those who helped us with the programme and provided such a pleasant evening's amusement. A vote of thanks was proposed to the performers by Mr. A. H. Savory and seconded by Mr. H. Keen, and was enthusiastically carried. The platform had been prettily decorated with flowers kindly lent by Mr. C. A. Binyon.