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This website celebrates the history of Badsey in Worcestershire, England.
Badsey is a large, working village in the Vale of Evesham.
Within the same parish is the smaller village of Aldington.
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We also host a website for the adjoining village of Wickhamford.

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Badsey Society Publications 
Census & other records
Church surveys 
Farm survey 1941 
Index of people
Index of places
Land valuation survey 1910-1915
MIs in the churchyard 
Parish records
Research interests
Roads and streets
School records
Vale of Evesham records
Visitors book - 2012 and before

Aerial photographs 2006
Church & churchyard
Littleton & Badsey Growers 
Looking back: old photos
Tour of village
Track changes: old & new photos
Wickhamford old photos

Present Day History
Enclosure Map project
'Back Home to Badsey'
Church events
Floods of 1998 & 2007
In living memory: your recollections
Talks at the 2014 AGM
Various village events
Visitors Book (2012 & earlier) Last Market Gardener project 

Record breaking peal ringers in 1956

Almonry Museum, Evesham
BMSGH - Worcestershire parishes
Chipping Campden History Society
Parishes around Badsey
Vale of Evesham Civic Society
Vale of Evesham History Portal
Register of One-Place Studies
Worcestershire Genealogy from Genuki

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... about Badsey today

Buildings & Places
Roads and streets, with information on individual houses
Auctions of land 1831 - 1930
Bridges of every sort 
Littleton & Badsey Station
Mill at Badsey
School history
St James Church
Wellingtonia tree
See also: Index of places

Seward House lawn
Seward House lawn about 1905

Individuals & Families
Badsey as a surname
Barnard, Michael artist & historian
Barnard, William 1803 - 1892
Bent, Buckley early photographer
Binyon, C A & bells
Bloxham Family
Braby, Rev Peter
Byrd, Mary alphabet sampler
Crane, Evelyn childhood
Cull & Silvester family
Haines, Frank, village policeman
Hoby memorial in church
Howarth, Lorna
Jones, Bertram ivory carver
Knight family
Price, Rev W H
Sadler, Harry poem
Seward, William martyr
Seward family
Sharp family of Aldington Mill NEW
Smith, Norah appreciation
Stanford & Crisp family 
Ted Wheatley's memoirs 
Wasley / Page letters 
Wilson family notes
See also: Index of people

The mass dial at Badsey church.
The Badsey Society’s archive
& virtual museum


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Archaeology around Badsey
Asparagus origins 
Asum grammar: local dialect
Badsey man from London
Brewer's bakery
Businesses in early 20C
Childhood in Badsey poem
Children's letters 1933
Churchwardens' accounts
Churchwardens' presentments
Commercial horticulture
Evacuee's tale
Evesham Custom 
Football history
Fruit varieties 100 years ago 
Girls' Friendly Society
Guidebooks comment  
In Memoriam cards
Largest mass dial in the world? 
Littleton & Badsey Growers 
Manslaughter at Badsey
Market gardening about 1920
Old Badsey cures
Parish Constables in mid 19C 
Parish Magazine 1898 - 1918
Postcards 100 years ago
Post offices in Badsey 
Queen's Jubilee 1887
Roman Badsey
School history
Silver Jubilee Day 1977
South African War
Sparrow hunting around 1910
Survey: 1931 dissertation
'Trusty' Tractor
War News 1914 - 1919
Water supply
Wild plants in 1821
Wireless in 1928
Women's Institute history

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