Badsey First School

School Lane, Badsey, WR11 7ES.
Phone/Fax: 01386 830325

Ages 4 - 10.

Badsey First School now have their own official website at Visit it for information about the school and to see some of the work produced by the students.

Leaversí Poem

The following poem was written in July 2001 by Cathy McMeikan, Class E, on the occasion of her leaving Badsey First School to go to Blackminster.† Poetry is obviously in the genes, as Cathy is the great-great-niece of Evelyn McKanan-Jones who wrote A Childhood in Badsey.† Cathy's Great-Grandfather, Jack Barnard, was Evelyn's brother.

Iíve been at Badsey for five years now,
Times have just flown, I donít know how,
It seems only yesterday I was in Year One,
But as Iím ten and leaving, my timeís nearly done.

Badsey was great, happy and small,
I have many good memories of you all,
It is sad to be moving but I have to go,
But bear in mind Iíll miss you all so.

Thank you, teachers, for helping me learn,
Thank you, Mr Hughes, for being kind, not stern,
Thank you, Mrs Bees, for teaching me to sing,
Thank you, supply teachers for just coming in!

As I travel to my future, I will not forget my past,
Iíll make sure all my happy memories really do last.

History of Badsey School

The Badsey website includes several features about the History of Badsey School including old photographs and school records. There is an interview with Mrs Jean James who has been a teacher at Badsey for 34 years and retired on 20th July 2001.

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