Former pupils explore the history of Badsey School

On Saturday morning, 22nd November 2003, a group of former pupils and staff of Badsey School, accompanied Maureen Spinks and Mrs Elizabeth Spencer, the Head Teacher, on a tour of the school. The aim of the tour was to try and understand how the school has developed over the years and the changing use of the various rooms, which will assist when writing the history of the school. Mrs Spencer, herself a former pupil, kindly gave up her time and agreed to open the school on a Saturday morning, making it easier to undertake the tour.

The Finals of the Rugby World Cup notwithstanding (regular updates were provided by text message by the Head Teacherís son!), 14 former pupils and staff progressed from one classroom to the next, recalling memories of the school from the 1920s to the 1970s. A most enjoyable time was had by all. The photographs below give a flavour of the morningís event.

A group of former pupils and staff on a tour of the school.
From left to right: Pat Goldstraw (née Barnard), Lionel Knight, Michael Barnard,
Pat Gorin, Karen Evans (née Woodcock), Will Dallimore, Bob Butler, John Dallimore, Terry Sparrow.

Former pupils Lionel Knight (1929-1938) and Bob Butler (1928-1937)
found an appropriate spot in one of the classrooms in front of which to pose!
They proved to be a redoubtable double act, entertaining the rest of the visitors
with many stories of their schooldays in the 1930s, including a playground
game called "Jack the Mopstick", which would certainly be banned today!

Three generations of the Corbett family who attended Badsey School:
Molly Corbett (née Evans), 1916-1925; her son, Graham Corbett, 1942-1948;
and Grahamís daughter, Helen, 1973-1978.
The photo is taken in the Main Hall, which had not been built when Molly and Graham were at the school.

The brightly-coloured fire made by the children of Mrs Crossí class, brought
back memories for Molly Corbett (née Evans), who was a pupil at the school from 1916-1925.
Molly was at the school when the only means of heating was a coal fire.
She remembers vividly her least favourite teacher, Miss Bird, who would
sit on the iron guard in front of the fire, thus blocking the heat from the rest of the class.

Recent building work and refurbishment at the school in 2003, has resulted in a change in usage for this room.
Originally used as a classroom, it then became the library, until just recently becoming the staffroom.
Local artist and former pupil, Michael Barnard (1933-1939), has been
commissioned to paint a water-colour to fill the blank space over the former fireplace.

Maureen Spinks

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